Before Shopping for Pocket Size Cameras Reviews to Read

Most people enjoy all the features included in pocket size digital cameras that allow them to take great photos with few hassles. People lead busy lives today and have little time for reading thick user manuals just so they can snap a photo. Technology is advancing so rapidly that many digital camera makers are struggling to stay on top of things. But it's these advancements that drive the market and consumers to keep buying fancy new cameras year after year. This article will discuss different Canon digital pocket size cameras so you can understand the various features each camera offers.

The Fujifilm FinePix F80EXR is a very respectable compact pocket size camera by all accounts. One thing that may appeal to some is this camera's mega-zoom feature. This camera has 12 megapixels, which some only consider useful for large prints. And considering its advanced functions, it is a reasonably priced camera. The are three modes of EXR that can be selected for the EXR sensor. This essentially gives you three types in one camera. The three modes are highest resolution mode, optimum dynamic range mode, and lowest possible noise mode. Also, going further, the F80EXR will automatically analyze the scene and make the best choice for you - a bit impressive, we think. We're reluctant to discuss the Nikon Coolpix S3000, but out of fairness we must because they have made improvements. It is Nikon, of course, and they have been around long enough to be shown some respect, after all. This ultra-compact camera is inexpensive, so of course there's a budget out there which will find that attractive. But the S3000 is not a lot above what we would consider to be average, unfortunately. It has all the standard features you would expect with 12 megapixels, etc. But the LCD is quite difficult to see in the sunlight which is always a major disappointment, to us and perhaps to you too. Let's face it, this looks like a cheap camera being all plastic except for the metal buttons, power switch, etc. We felt the image quality to be average, and you won't scream when you see the picture quality. This is a camera for a specific budget and gets the job done if you need a camera.

Then there is the great Fuji line of digital cameras which include the F31fd digital compact. pocket size camera. The image quality is without question thanks to exceptional ISO standards. This is the camera that proved the marketing experts wrong when they preached that it's all about pixel counts. That is not true at all, and most people still do not realize they do not need high pixel counts except for certain applications. The low light abilities of this little gem was a trade-off for pixel specs, but it's still a great digital camera. Other attractive qualities and features with this Fuji pocket size camera include outstanding high speed performance as well as battery life.

Sometimes it's tough to do a great follow-up to a terrific product, but that's an enviable position to be in for any pocket size camera maker. You'll find some terrific digital cameras for all specs, applications, and budgets. You can find a camera from the low hundreds up to $500 or more. Also, the most important thing is to determine your need for the camera and why you want to get it. Then take that information and begin researching.This information was brought to you by, your source for all things related on sba loans for women.


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