The best Car Audio System - The Pioneer AVH-3200BT

Pioneer AVH-P3200DVD DVD Multimedia AV Receiver

With a sleek sheen this car audio system really does look the part in your brand new car. Not only that, but it literally has everything you might ever need in your car. It's a hands free kit, CD player, iPod and iPhone compatible - as well as a DVD player. It's the ultimate system that will let you keep in touch and entertained.

Keep Connected

With a parrot Bluetooth module integrated into the Pioneer AVH-3200BT, you can make those much needed phone calls wirelessly. An added bonus is that the system has high quality sound, allowing you to hear the person at the other end clearly. Not only that, but the excellent quality microphone allows you to reply to the other person just as clearly. Say adieu to phone calls with cracking or distorted sounds with this car audio system.

But the real cherry on the top with this system is the fact that you can have up to a 1000 saved names and numbers under 5 different users, which is especially useful when the whole family use it! The AVH-3200BT combines the convenience needed for a busy professional with entertainment in order to get the work-life balance a little more balanced.

Be Entertained

Enjoy practically all of your music and DVD collection on the AVH-3200BT through a variety of different mediums. It can play:

-DVD's including DVD-R/-RW discs in VR Mode,

-CD's including CD-R/-RW as well as Video CD,

-Mp3, wma, wav and AAC files from a CD, an USB or SD card,

-DivX film and JPEG files from CD's, DVD's, USB and SD card,



-USB storage device through the front input and,

-AV source's such as Mp3 players or games consoles through the Aux-in.

The Pioneer AVH-3200BT could be the elite machine for in-car entertainment because it combines every possible source of entertainment within a single unit. But what makes supply the creme de la creme is that often it uses the new and funky Dual Zone technology that allows the passengers in the front to be controlled by music, whilst the spine passengers can observe their favourite DVD. Simple fact is that ultimate entertainment package since it may possibly entertain everyone in the car!

Seek Quality

Using a touchscreen display screen, this piece of equipment is not hard to travel through with no troublel .. Moreover, you can personalize you background, menu and in some cases illuminate buttons accordingly on your tastes.

The Pioneer AVH-3200BT also incorporates an 8 band equalizer, assisting you to match up the noise of the body with the sounds of your respective car, which in turns lessens distortion and any unwanted sounds.

The Pioneer AVH-3200BT is usually a top quality system that it's over the rest the in-car entertainment field. It combines everything you could ask for within the entertainment package for your busy professional, the commuter as well as whole family. This is a perfect system for those who demand a full on entertainment package of their car, and also need convenience.

However, it might not be made for everyone's needs if you decide to don't want the complete entertainment package so they can be disturbed from the phone in a vehicle, select a much simpler system.


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