Big Bang Me To Laugher

Are you interested in viewing something appealing and humorous? The Big Bang Theory is an American comedy which first aired in September 2007. The programme is set in Pasadena, California and has five main characters. Leonard and Sheldon are two guys who are sharing a flat and their key interest is physics. Penny, a beautiful girl, also lives in the guys' building with two other geeky boys as well. The wit of the show is focused on the personalities - from the physics students to the normal girl next door.

The Big Bang Theory series was made through Warner Bros Television and Chuck Lore Productions. The show received a TCA and Jim Parsons trophy for amazing comedy in 2009. They have also received numerous prizes in 2010, and 2011 too. From the moment the first episode of the third season started showing, it was positioned as number one. It has 12.83 million views an episode and is largely watched by 18-49 years old. From 2011 it has been announced that the programme will operate for another 3 years.

Some intriguing information about Penny is that the actress is called Kaley Cuoco and lives in the same building as Sheldon and Leonard. Penny is a wannabe actress and even though she has been working hard to get into the acting scene she also works as a waitress. In the 4th series the actress who plays Penny broke her leg while she was horse-riding.

The Big Bang Theory exclusives are the show has key elements of science, religion and Leonard and Penny's relationship. The discipline of science is what the main people in the series work as. Due to strong beliefs in science this has badly influenced their love lives. Leslie and Leonard broke up because they did not have similar notions of theories. Sheldon also spilt up with Amy when she was more towards a particular theory than another. Therefore, the guys' values towards science are very strong.


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