Choosing A Mobile Phones Package

This is the age of the mobile phone. Everywhere you gaze you see people talking on mobile phones, playing games on mobile phones and texting on mobile phones. For many individuals, their mobile hone seem to rule their lives. I for one know I feel rather lost without my phone in my pocket or in the event the battery goes flat.

But exactly how do you decide what package to go for when you are getting a mobile phone? You basically have three options. Contract, prepaid and pay as you go.

With a contract, you're allocated a quantity of free units each month in addition to a quantity of free smses. After these are utilised, you have to pay for each minute spent on the phone and every sms you send. If you're a sales person or somebody that is usually making phone calls, this may be a perfect package for you. The rate per call is often a lot cheaper than on the other types of package and you can select from a wide variety of different contract packages. Each package will offer you different amounts of free minutes and also a different amount of free smses each month. Naturally, the more freebies you get, the more you will spend each month.

Then you've a pre paid type contract. In this case you select a mobile phones service provider and get a sim car from their store. After that you can load as much airtime as you want onto that sim card. This really is great for those people who only ever receive calls and also seldom send smses or make calls. You do have to be conscious that the airtime comes with a shelf life which differs depending on how big a voucher you've loaded. If you do not make use of the airtime you've loaded, it just disappears when its sell by date arrives. It is a kind of package that parents usually get for their children so they are able to get their hands on their kids whenever they need to but do not end up paying the bill for a chatty teenage girl.

The last option is the pay as you go alternative. This is sort of a marriage between your pre paid and contract choices for mobile phones packages. You sign a contract which commits you to paying a specific amount each month, in exchange you get a certain amount of airtime loaded automatically onto your phone at the start of every month. Should you use up all your airtime before the end of the month, you can buy a voucher and load some more. The rate per minute is usually cheaper for the initial airtime than for the pre paid airtime you are able to load when you run out.

So determine how much use you'll make of your mobile phones package and choose one of these options base on that decision. It's generally easier to get a cheaper package at first as you can effortlessly upgrade to a higher package, downgrading is usually accompanied by a fee.


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