Comparison of Free Mobile Phones Tracking Solution

In today's technologically advanced society, we want to stay on top of things and keep in touch with the people who are important to us. Social networking platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook have become so popular because people want to stay on top of their communication with friends, family, business associates and get the information they need in a micro second.

The technology, how technology Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) is integrated into cell phones since 1990 and has been used mainly to determine the status of emergency calls. When we think of GPS technology, we mainly think of solutions, such as OnStar or Garmin offer directions. However, the GPS is much more use, and such use is a tracking device. With evolving technology parents have been able to use GPS to monitor or track their children's movements, friends have been able to track each other and tourists have been able to find information about local attractions.

Companies like Mologogo and have used this technology to provide free solutions for the mobile phone tracking keeps a whole new level. The technology used in mobile Java to monitor any phone that is registered in their database. Therefore, it allows parents to monitor their children, employers to track the location of field workers and friends to follow the movements of each. As long as the phone being tracked is operational it can be tracked. Now let's compare each service individually.

Mologogo was conceived in 2005 and developed a free mobile phone tracking solution that puts you in touch with millions of users around the globe. Just download and install free software, create an online account phone list you want to log in and select your preferences. Note Mologogo allows you to broadcast to all connected on their network, or just a select few that you specify. You can either use a smartphone to connect to the service or even a pay-as-you-go device as long as it is Java enabled. The technology can be used by employers to determine the position of field workers and vehicles to share your location with others, to keep track of your friends and family members, or connect to your Twitter account to make update your location. also works with Java enabled phones or PDA's that run Windows software to provide real-time tracking solutions. Employers can use the free technology to track employees, friends can locate each other to hook up or parents can track the movement of their children. The features include 2-way messaging, real-time monitoring capabilities, prior to 1000 songs storage, ease of use, history logs, alerts and reports daily. How Mologogo can allow yourself to be connected to the network and configure some who came after.

Mobile phones and the use of GPS technology has opened many opportunities and enhanced communication. With social networking being such an integral part of our culture the provision of free mobile phone tracking is right on time.

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