Critical Role Played By Surveillance Illuminator In IP Camera Surveillance Systems

You would have often come across the term IP camera surveillance systems. Often, big corporations and universities utilize IP cameras for the basic safety of their campus due to the fact that it's extremely important to keep a track of moves going about within the campus. Consequently, they employ an IP camera in order to live video, on Internet, from any location of the world. IP cameras provide numerous advantages over standard Closed-circuit television cameras.

IP camera surveillance systems consist of several setups like pole mount, ceiling mount, wall mount and corner mount. These units let you set up this system in diverse types of environments. You can even buy separate parts as well! Some IP cams come with BNV/Analog output unit that aids the users in attaching the IP cameras to a network of existing CCTV cams. You can attach these cameras to a DVR recording system for the purpose of remote viewing and recording from an isolated location. Nonetheless, ensure that your IP cameras are able to transmit both BNC/Analog outputs and videos via network.

At times, these IP camera surveillance systems also include wireless security technology. For utilizing this technology, you should use a battery operated camera that doesn't store images in the in-built memory. Nonetheless, it sends images in form of signals, to a receiving device that can be placed anywhere within the range of 500 meters. You can carry out remote monitoring by connecting the TV to this receiver device. Currently, there are several units and equipment available for wireless security. You can buy any device that is Ac powered or, based on batteries.

In some cases, to have optimal lighting in the environment, these cams make use of surveillance illuminator that allows you to change light angles varying from 10 to 180 degrees, up to a distance of 160 meters. These illuminators are designed to suit PTX network and fixed cameras. Further, this gear use LED or Light emitting diodes for low power consumption. This illuminator is based upon solid state LED engineering thus, they are power efficient, cost effective and easy to maintain, as compared to the traditional lighting arrangements.

A surveillance illuminator also includes surface mount technology that has an average life cycle of ten years. You need not replace the light bulbs. Additionally, the IP66 rated polycarbonate lenses provide both outdoor and indoor protection with network surveillance system. All these features make this illuminator a high performing unit that requires low maintenance!


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