Does The CatGenie Electric Litter Box Really Work

Your inquisitiveness to know more in relation to self cleaning litter box is perceptible. It is very much evident that you are curious to get familiar with in-depth information in relation to this subject matter, so that you can cleverly get judgements about the same.

The CatGenie is a sanitary alternative to traditional litter boxes. This is a system well known for its toilet like action in a self cleaning system for litter control. Cat waste is liquefied and disposed of through your plumbing system in a biodegradable process. In this review of CatGenie, we'll be exploring some of the benefits and possible drawbacks of this product.

You no longer have to deal with stinky cat litter with the CatGenie system. The Cat Genie replaces litter with a washable granule specifically developed for this product. The granules never have to be discarded or replaced since they are formulated to be continuously washed and dried repeatedly. With the fact that they are green, mean and clean these granules are perfect for the environment and your cat. You no longer have to worry about how to store or when to buy more cat litter since you won't need it with this system. There is a cartridge that needs to be replaced every 120 washes however. The CatGenie has a great warranty and a highly rated customer service agreement. If in the first ninety days you decide you or your cat do not like the machine for whatever reason simply return it for a full refund. Aside from this, there's a two year warranty that covers the product so that if anything goes wrong, you can get it fixed. You can be rest assured this quality company stands behind its product with the customer service it provides both by telephone and email.

One concern some cat owners have about buying CatGenie is the price. There's no getting around the fact that this is not the cheapest way to dispose of your cat's waste products.

If you opt for their Tuxedo Package, you get not only the CatGenie 120, but all the essentials that go with it, such as cartridges, Washable Granules and, for cats (or owners) that like a cover for the unit, a GenieDome. Only you can decide whether the cost of this package, a little under $400 is worth being free from litter boxes. You can spend a little less up front by buying only CatGenie, and buying accessories as you need them.

In conclusion, the CatGenie represents a novel alternative to a litter box. You'll be relieved by the lack of unsightly litter. The benefits of the CatGenie far outweigh the single drawback which is the cost of the initial purchase and installation but even that pales in comparison to the labor intensive litter box relief you'll get. Only you can decide if the cost is a real benefit to you and you'll be happy in the long run.

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