Garmin Astro DC40


you are a|you're a bird hunter the GPS age has arrived with the|using the new Gamin Astro 220 GPS dog|canine tracking|monitoring System|Program. Now days most bird hunters have moved from using|utilizing bells to beeper collars to keep|to help keep track of their bird dogs|canines. Whether|Regardless of whether you are|you're hunting head high|higher CRP chasing roosters or in dog|canine hair aspen looking for|searching for timber doodles and grouse, knowing|understanding where|exactly where your dog|canine is and what it is|it's doing|performing is key|crucial to a successful|effective day of bird hunting. The new beeper collars with their ability to|capability to keep|maintain you informed|knowledgeable as to where|exactly where your dog|canine is but also|but additionally when it is|it's on point|stage. There biggest|greatest drawback|disadvantage is the|will be the sound of the|with the beeper. Some hunters especially|particularly those|these with hearing problems|issues from a lifetime of shooting simply|merely cannot|can't hear|listen to the beeper well|properly enough|sufficient to locate|find their dogs|canines. In addition|Additionally some dog|canine owners|proprietors have become|have grown to be concerned|worried about the|concerning the possibility|chance of damaging the dogs|canines hearing from the|from your loud sound of the|with the beeper. These concerns|issues have become|have grown to be mute if you|in the event you use the|make use of the new Garmin GPS dog|canine tracking|monitoring system||canine tracking|monitoring system|program comes|arrives in two parts|components. The collar unit is called|is known as a DC 20|twenty VHF transmitter, it is|it's slightly|somewhat larger than an electronic|digital training|coaching collar, but it|however it can be|could be attached|connected to regular|normal collar or it can|it may be mounted on the|around the dogs|canines back|back again using|utilizing a harness. The unit has a|includes a small|little antenna that must|should remain|stay relatively|fairly upright to assure good|great communication with the|using the handheld GPS unit. Once|As soon as the unit picks up the VHF and GPS signals it begins|starts to tell you|let you know where|exactly where your dog|canine is on the|around the compass page. This page displays a compass rose that show|display the direction|path and distance to your|for your dog|canine. Just like a beeper collar it tells you if your dog|canine is hunting, on point|stage or sitting but unlike|as opposed to the beeper collar there is|there's no sound to irritate you and the|and also the dog|canine. However|Nevertheless, a good|a great technique|method used|utilized by grouse hunters is to|would be to us a beeper collar set to only sound off when the|once the dog|canine is on point|stage. This has two benefits|advantages first|initial of which the sound of a|of the hawk scream will freeze the bird and second|2nd when the|once the GPS unit sounds|seems the on point|stage alarm it allows|permits the hunter to holster his or her|their GPS unit and move|transfer in for the|for that shot with both|each hands|fingers on his or her|their shotgun while|although know exactly|precisely where|exactly where the dog|canine|canine tracking|monitoring system|program unit is really a modified standard|regular Garmin model|product 60CSx. This allows|permits the unit to act as an ordinary GPS mapping unit. This will|This can allow you to|permit you to basically|essentially focus|concentrate on hunting your dog|canine not worry|be concerned where|exactly where you are|you're going|heading. In addition|Additionally if you are|if you're hunting a large|a big piece of|bit of habitat the unit will tell you|let you know what part|component of the|with the habitat you and your|along with your dog|canine have and have|and also have not covered. The unit also allows|permits you to set way points for your|for the favorite|preferred bird covers|addresses, flushes or dog|canine hazards. The unit also supports the Garmin topographical maps to help you|that will help you plan|strategy your hunts. Included|Incorporated is an|is definitely an electronic|digital compass and barometer/altimeter feature|function. It also supports standard|regular SD data|information cards for loading additional|extra mapping options|choices. This new Garmin GPS dog|canine tracking|monitoring system|program has it all.real|actual drawback|disadvantage of the|with the new Garmin Astro dog|canine tracking|monitoring system|program is its cost|price. At $600 dollars|bucks retail these new dog|canine tracking|monitoring units|models are beyond|past the budget|spending budget of most bird hunters. If you|In the event you hunt more|much more than one|1 dog|canine and want an additional|extra DC 20|twenty collar unit it will|it'll cost|price you an additional|extra $199.99 each|every. When you|Whenever you consider|think about that a good|a great quality|high quality beeper collar will cost|price less|much less than $100.00 you can|you are able to see why most bird hunters will continue|carry on to use|to make use of it to keep|to help keep track of their dogs|canines. Hopefully the price|cost of these new GPS units|models will come|arrive down over|more than time. Let|Allow face|encounter it the new Garmin Astro GPS dog|canine tracking|monitoring system|program is everything|every thing a bird hunter could want for keep|maintain track of his dog|canine in heavy|large cover.


information|info on the|around the Garmin Astro DC40 GPS Dog|Canine Tracking|Monitoring System|Program and dog|canine training|coaching and dog|canine training|coaching career|profession opportunities|possibilities.


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