Giving Apple A Bit Of Competition The Blackberry Playbook Is An Exciting New Device

Perhaps the most hotly anticipated tablet since the iPad, the Blackberry Playbook is already getting plenty of buzz ahead of its impending launch. Fans of Blackberry will likely find the Playbook offers up some of the same productivity features theyve loved in smaller form, plus so many more hi-tech features yet to be seen in other tablets thus far. Just take a look at some of the Blackberry Playbooks most awe-inspiring features:

* A first-of-its-kind and full customized tablet operating system based on QNX
* Enterprise ready, like all other RIM Products
* Multi-tasking capabilities
* 4G Connectivity available
* Can use the device as a modem up to 3G speeds
* Fantastic potential for gaming
* Enabled With Full Adobe Flash 10.1
* Full HTML5 Support
* A full Gigabyte of RAM
* A1 gigahertz Dual core processor
* A full multi-touch 7 LCD screen
* Multi-format audio playback supporting MP3, WMA and AAC
* Surprisingly clear stereo sound
* Video playback in hi-def
* Supports three major video formats: DiVX, Mpeg, and WMV
* 2 types of cameras available 3 Megapixel and 5 Megapixel
* Extremely light at .9 lbs
* Unobstrusive constitution at less than a half inch thick
* Onboard Bluetooth Connection
* Wireless connection to Blackberry and all calendars, files and data
* Built-in Wi-Fi
* Video conferencing interface
* Width = 5.1, Height = 7.6, Thickness = 0.4

The Bluetooth connectivity on the Blackberry Playbook makes it a great work productivity tool. This feature lets the Playbook connect to any Blackberry Smartphone and easily access any files already on the phone like videos, audio and presentations. The Playbook also has a great amount of security on it, to the point that if these files arent deliberately saved, theyre stored in its temporary cache and are promptly deleted upon shutting down the device. This is also a nice productivity feature, as it helps to prevent any redundancy or off-syncing of data between the Playbook and Smartphone.

Surprisingly, in spite of having so many technological advancements and selling points, the Blackberry Playbook is expected to be surprisingly fair-priced.

Certainly, these features are poised to set the Blackberry Playbook apart from the tablets and handhelds that have come before it. Whats more, its a stunning and stylish device to look at. Taking everything into account, it also appears to be one of the most advanced technological marvels in its class and a cut above much of the rest. Whether or not the Playbook will take a bit out of Apples near stranglehold on the tablet market remains to be seen, however.

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