GPS using 3D technologies - Garmin navigation interface

As the 3D technology turns into more as well as more mature, it is involed in military, training, manufacturing, amusement, study, healthcare, aviation as well as academy. The actual displaying of Avatar helps make the 3D display technology enter into the sight of the public. That is exactly where the concept of 3D navigation, for example the Garmin 1490T, has evolved from.

In reality, except for the film, the 3D display technology is also apllied in wholesale GPS subject. The actual planet leading GPS enterprise Garmin launched the GPS together with 3D display technology - n¼vi 3790T. It efficiently introduces the new feature "3D cubist architecture as well as realizes the ideal combination of the 3D technology as well as navigation technology. It puts the navigation interface off much better than many.

Together with the fast increasing of the private vehicles, GPS enters into the widespreading occasions. We can appreciate the comfort brought by 3D display technology together with Garmin 3790T.

360 degree 3D cubist architecture

In the conventional navigation, all the buildings are usually marked in the 2D plane figure in the form of level. It often seems to be dull or even one-dimensional. But on the 3790T navigation, we will see the distinct three dimensional picture. The actual 360 degree details of the architecture can be displayed in diverse instructions. And this brings us totally diverse visual satisfaction. The actual 3D cubist architecture is a lot much better than the conventional 2D picture no matter in the cubist vision or even the lighting results. There will be more reference substances in the driving journey. Even a streetlight can be handled as the mark.

3D junction actual place

There is vivid junction picture as well as magnified street sign. There are usually about three thousand 3D junction actual place pictures as well as 0.1 million junction model picture. It helps make the constructing seems to be turer than the conventional 2D picture. When a person cross more than the tall buildings, a person will feel effortless to acknowledge the constructing. An individual will have the immersed navigation expertise. An individual will decide on the right junction effortlessly though a person are usually going through the complicated junctions.

3D topographic map

In the Garmin 1490T three dimentional map, there is the fall impact brought on by the waving ground simply like the real planet. The actual real scenario is returned vividly. The actual user will have the exciting expertise of crossing the town forest. It realizes the real 3D navigation as well as brings the user the extraordinary navigation expertise.

It is discovered that the Garmin 3D real magnified picture is on the rise. From existing, this has covered the main junctions of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Changchun, Shenyang, Chongqing as well as Wuhan. Additionally, there are usually 0.1 million schema-oriented pictures covering the main approaches as well as highways about the country. The actual user can appreciate the happy driving even on travelling in additional places.

Together with the advancement of the 3D technology, the 2D plane map navigation operate cannot satisfy the increasing requirements of the customers any more. The actual coming of the Garmin 3790T will advertise the advancement of 3D technology in the navigation subject. We think that more manufacturers will follow the phase of the Garmin in the near long term. And the three-dimensional navigation program integrated together with 3D display technology will grow to be the new favourite. The actual 3D technology will becomer nearer as well as nearer to our life.


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