Leading Car Mp3 Avid gamers Evaluated - DEH-P3800MP

CD Receiver with MP3 WMA Playback

Pioneer is one of the most recognized brands in the car audio industry. They make car cd players, subwoofers, and amplifiers. The Pioneer car CD player DEH-P3800MP is an entry level car cd player manufactered with the casual car audio enthusiast in mind. Being moderately priced this Pioneer car CD player is a great buy.

The DEH-P3800MP comes with several features which make it a good deal as they can be had between $90 to $130. These features are MP3/WMA support, XM or Sirius satellite radio capability, along with a large 16 character display. Lets enter into to futher detail about these awesome features.

* 1) MP3/WMA support - This Pioneer car CD player offers the capability support CD-R discs burned with MP3's or WMA's. A 700 megabyte CD-R holds nearly 10 full MP3 albums or nearly 20 WMA albums. This feature is fantastic for those of us who have a big variety of music on our computers.
* 2) XM or Sirius satellite radio - The Pioneer car CD player DEH-P3800MP is manufactured with support for these two formats of satellite radio. Therefore if you ever already subscribe to both these services than there is no need to order another radio receiver. Satellite radio would be the "next big thing" in media industry, with a large number of stations, high definition sound playback, and limited commercial interruption. This feature by itself makes this Pioneer car CD player an excellent buy.
* 3) 16 Character Display - This Pioneer car CD player supports ID-3 tags, which permit someone to burn the artist name, album name, and track names, to the disc itself. The important 16 character display helps you see this data close to your car or truck CD player. You will probably be able to view the FM radio stations frequency and station name using this type of technology.

On the whole the DEH-3800MP Pioneer car CD player is surely an awesome buy. I would endorse this strategy to anyone planning to upgrade their stock car CD player.

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