LG Quantum Compare

AT&T's third Windows Phone 7 beneath the Samsung Focus and the HTC Surround, but it is solution . to offer a full QWERTY keyboard. Actually, we our doubts regarding the Quantum if we first went to the theater in the official launch event, as it felt a lot more an easy messaging phone than just a high-quality smartphone. However, we have spent time using the device, we've changed our tune. The Quantum delivers solid performance, a great keyboard, and sturdy hardware, nevertheless the design is not without its flaws (heavy, smaller display, limited landscape support).

Nevertheless had comments glancing across the LG Quantum a couple of times, it's quite telling that its design doesn't invariably take precedence across the alluring look of its brand spanking new mobile platform. Instead, its approach is quite a bit too ordinary as it borrows styles featured on previous handsets featuring its predominantly soft touch coating exterior and accenting metallic rear cover. Upon holding it, you cannot find any hiding the type of weight (6.21 oz) it's packing as it also looks a lot more bulky (0.60" thick) compared to the streamlined nature of something similar to the Motorola droid mobile phone 2.The LG Quantum employs an outstanding looking 3.5" TFT display thanks partly to is WVGA (480 x 800) resolution. Essentially, it's in a position to provide ample visibility with including the tiniest of text, and colors that retain their natural tones in barely about every angle.We're fairly proud of the snappy buying and selling mechanism from the handset as it locks firmly into place to expose its 4-row keyboard. Despite being somewhat flush towards the surface, buttons are sufficient enough to ensure they are distinguishable by any finger size.

Packing the usual number of heat featuring its 1GHz processor beneath the hood, the LG Quantum doesn't deviate from your Windows Phone 7 experience we've witnessed with handsets.With all the homescreen, you can rearrange the live tiles the way you like and even modify the color theme to provide some personalization towards the handset. As we mentioned in the past reviews, a lot of the tiles will aggregate various content which include status updates and photos allow it that dynamic appearance over other competing platforms.The only inconsistent item we find around the Quantum would be the fact only a few facets of prestashop are optimized to get viewed in landscape.If you do not occur to have a very Hotmail or Windows Live account, in the end you be capable of sync contacts from the Gmail and Facebook accounts. In addition to seeing the usual contacts information, like phone numbers and contact information, you can examine out their social networking statuses through the "People" hub.Granted that this seems to provide the convenience of a physical keyboard, the messaging exposure to its on-screen ones continues to be more than acceptable in any respect. Space might turned into a factor using the portrait option, but it doesn't affect its overall responsiveness in typing quickly with few mistakes.

Camera and Multimedia
The LG Quantum supplies a 5-megapixel camera having an LED flash, 5x zoom, and 720p HD video capture. You'll find multiple editing options, including various shooting modes (or Intelligent Shot as LG calls them), brightness and white-balance settings, color effects, and antishake.The picture quality on indoor shots was a bit subpar. Colors looked dull, for you was some graininess towards the images. However, photos taken outdoors were more vibrant. Video quality was quite good. The picture was clear without any sign of the haziness or halo effect very often plagues other camera phones.

Internet and Connectivity
The LG Quantum has the many standard connectivity options that another smartphone has. There is GPRS, EDGE, 3G HSDPA, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n with DLNA and Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP connectivity. You may also connect it for a PC using the microUSB cable. In addition , it carries a constructed in GPS transceiver with A-GPS.Web browser was actually quite easy to make use of, both through AT&T's 3G network and WiFi. IE supports multiple open tabs and landscape mode, and the pinch to zoom functionality works flawlessly onto it. There isn't any delay, no making up ground. It's incredibly responsive and quick. Also i didn't have any problem downloading pages or even just apps using the Quantum.

Speakerphone quality was decent. Volume only agreed to be a touch soft, even at its highest level, for holding conversations in noisier environments, however the audio was clear but not too hollow. Meanwhile, friends said they couldn't even tell there we were on speakerphone. We had no problems pairing the Quantum using the Logitech Mobile Traveller Bluetooth headset or the Motorola S9 Bluetooth Active Headphones.We tested the quad-band (GSM 850/900/1800/1900) LG Quantum in Los angeles and Washington, D.C., and call quality was good. On our side, the audio was mostly clear with many slight background noise. There was no voice distortion, though quality of sound may have been slightly richer. Minor quibbles aside, there we were quite satisfied with the voice performance, and friends also reported great results on the end.

Battery life
Qualified to withstand a compelling 8 hour workday on normal usage, the battery life from the LG Quantum is pretty average if you think about that this supplies a full day for light users. For those power users, needn't be too surprised to constantly charge the smartphone whenever a chance arises. The manufacturer has it rated for 6 hours of talk and 350 hours of standby time. Read more Cellphone Review and Guide.


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