Must Have Social Apps for the Motorola Atrix

The Motorola Atrix is one of the first phones introduced to take advantage of the speedy 4G network although service is currently limited to select cities. The phone delivers quick response times since it uses the Motorola Dual Core processor that has 2GHz of processing power. The phone has 1GB of RAM and can accommodate up to 48GB of storage space. Like many other phones in its class, it features the front and rear facing cameras that come with HD video. The Motorola Atrix's other features include a two microphones, 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi support and a biometric finger reader. The phone comes pre-loaded with Mozilla Firefox 3.6, an Adobe Flash Player, and many other WebTop applications. Available is AT&T's optional hotspot service that will support up to 5 Wi-Fi devices.

Be ready to connect with the world by using such a smart phone. The smart phone will make accessing social networking programs a simple task. One social working site you may have heard is available to download to your Atrix: Facebook. Facebook has become the leader in social networking programs and this program should be the first one installed on the Android-based Motorola Atrix. Almost all the key features found on the web-based version of Facebook can be accessed from the free app. Users can monitor status updates, post their status, add friends, send e-mail, and upload photos and video directly from the smart phone.

The next social networking program to add to the Motorola Atrix is Twitter. Just as many people swear by Facebook, there are millions of devoted Twitter users. With the Twitter app or the TweetDeck users can easily manage their twitter account. Both social networking programs are free downloads and will give the user full functionality to tweet, retweet, perform checkins, and identify locations.

Another great application to share and manage pictures is Flickr. Flickr Droid is a social networking photo sharing program that allows users to upload photos taken with their phone, browse, edit, and share photos with fellow social networking friends. Users can utilize the Flickr photos as their contact pictures, wallpapers and backgrounds on the smart phone. Flickr Droid is a one of the top social networking programs for the Motorola Atrix.

Fring is one of the top social networking programs for the Motorola Atrix that allows the smart phone user to communicate with others via the smart phone's internet connection. Atrix users can connect with others using Fring or other chat services such as MSN Messenger, GoogleTalk, ICQ, or AIM to make free mobile calls, perform live chat, and make video calls. Motorola Atrix users can utilize the free app to make calls without using their mobile plan's voice minutes.

Several Motorola Atrix accessories are available that will provide protection and service when using the smart phone. A Motorola Atrix case and screen protector will provide protection to the phone and the touch screen. A screen protector is the easiest and most convenient way to keep the screen looking brand new. Another item that is a must-have is the Motorola Atrix battery. Having an extra power source does not mean that your phone will last longer but you will also feel more confident that your device will always be there for you.


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