Notable Video Features of the HTC Thunderbolt

We know that searching for the perfect smart phone could really be a hassle, especially when there's so many to choose from. With the explosion of tablets onto the market, users now have more to think about than what color of phone they are going to buy. Now people have to make the decision as the whether or not they would rather carry a tablet with them instead of a phone or a laptop. With the HTC Thunderbolt, users will not have to choose between a tablet and a phone because the screen of the phone is almost large enough to be considered a tablet but still functions like a phone.

The HTC Thunderbolt offers some pretty amazing accessories. Like with each cell phone, there are going to be unique accessories specifically designed for that individual phone. One of the best HTC Thunderbolt accessories is the HTC Thunderbolt case. With the many different cases that a person can buy, it is possible for the person to always have a new case to change the overall look of the phone. A HTC Thunderbolt Battery is a great way to prepare for not being around an outlet to charge the phone. Overall, the accessories are one of the many reasons to purchase the HTC Thunderbolt.

With most of the modern phones, it is possible to stream video to just about any device over a wireless network. One of the many advantages of being able to stream videos with the HTC Thunderbolt is that users can carry their favorite videos on their phones and then later play them on a larger screen. Streaming video is a great alternative to carrying around a cable to connect to a DVD player or a projector. Many projectors are capable of connecting to a Wi-Fi network and that means users have a way of connecting their phones. The overall advantage of streamed video is different depending on the need of the user.

Another great feature of the HTC Thunderbolt is the fact that it has an 8 megapixel camera. This phone has a camera on it that can take better resolution photos than many of the overly priced digital cameras. One of the advantages of having a camera built into the phones is that the person will only have to carry one device with them. Also, the camera has a dual LED flash that can take pictures even if the object is in a poorly lit room. HTC is known for producing some real high quality cameras on all of their phones.

Overall, the HTC Thunderbolt is one of the best Android phones that a person can own and supplies users with one of the best interfaces. The screen size makes it a great product to view videos and photos on because the 4.3 inch screen is one of the largest for a cell phone. For users that have always wanted a phone with a larger screen and still have the best features then this phone may be the product for them.


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