The oxygen Hogs Helicopter - What you must Know!

Air Hogs Helix 360 Red

My Air hogs helicopter Office Scramble!

Not being a morning person, my morning traffic scowl was put to the test recently when, upon arriving at the office, I found the whole staff scrambling around, some cowering under tables, and some just plainly enjoying themselves - chasing what seemed to be a large buzzing blue bug with bright colors and a flashing LED light!

Turns out our techie had brought in an air hogs helicopter, an indoor electric micro RC helicopter from SpinMaster. If you're not familiar with air hogs toys, you're in for a huge treat. This toy is probably the World's smallest remote controlled helicopter, similar to the Picco Z chopper, and fits into the palm of your hand, comes in super funky colors and ideal for indoor flight only.

Just in case you're thinking well, indoors only, it could possibly wander off on the list of furniture etc... this is not the way it is, air hogs helicopter comes standard that has a flashing LED light used for location purposes, and they also buzz, more like a large insect or bug.

The toy our techie had was an iridescent blue, slim line with dragonfly-like eyes with dragonfly wings to complement.

As bothered when i was, to be honest, I really like my morning scowl thank you very much; I could not help noticing how nimble this machine was, it could possibly literally fly in a direction, land on almost any surface and lose in like manner.

On closer investigation, I recently found that air hogs helicopters are built for a long time 12 or over but honestly, any intelligent 5 year old can handle this bad boy in no time and glee, honestly!

Whilst my morning rituals the second I hit your place of work involve sipping the bitter coffee brew from the espresso machine before addressing a cubicle, today was different and, with all the handy remote control I'd wrestled from the manic depressive tech within my hand, I too became a Nims Island iguana that morning, running everywhere, dive bombing the temps and putting Gracey, our office Golden retriever, into stroke!

At first hand, I was kinda apprehensive planning to fly such a tiny object around the office and into solid walls etc. After all, air hogs toys measure approximately 6 inches in length! However, these toys are very durable; they can take a lots of wall crashes or fall from the ceiling to the floor and they are generally fine over and over.

I was able to fly this toy as high as 10 feet in the warehouse, much to the amazement of Juan, our forklift operator, who swears by his ancestors to have a few for his brood, anf the husband features a few!

These toys, especially the helicopters, are really fun toys for the complete family or, just as my case, the full office.

The largest drawback I bought was, Air Hogs toys is usually pretty addictive and, with Corporate breathing down my neck, I may likewise kiss the bonus check goodbye, considering at all times spent monkeying around using this type of snazzy toy!

Time for you to undertake a recruitment performance evaluation on the techie accountable for this toy; someone ought to make sure he understands how unproductive air hogs toys are!


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