PABX And PBX Systems: Is There A Difference?

A PABX system and a PBX system really only has one other distinction apart from their names: PABX is short for private automatic branch exchange and PBX is short for private branch exchange. Besides this, a system PABX allows the users of the system to manually choose outbound telephone lines, where PBX systems select the lines automatically. A PABX system, also generally termed as a PBX system, refers to a telephone exchange employed in a corporation or business because they have more than one telephone in the whole office. It functions by interconnecting individual telephone extensions to one another and to the external public telephone network.

The PABX system caters for companies having a large number of employees, generally over forty. PABX systems have developed significantly throughout the last few years, as with most electronic equipment of today. In the past, these systems were stored in a whole room, as they took up a lot of room. Today, however, they are far more compact and may be kept or fitted next to a business's server, in the IT room.

The PABX System actually has four primary call processing tasks. The most crucial task this system performs is creating connections between 2 telephones. As we know, communication is essential; it is what makes the world go round and it allows us to do business in various ways everyday. The systems, as an example, must recognize when 1 telephone line is busy and needs to reroute it to the reception or switch board. The system should also be able to maintain connection between these telephone lines for as long as they are active by channelling voice impulses throughout the phone call. The system should be able to recognize when a telephone line is disconnected by way of the user hanging up and finally, it must save all the required phone call info, like the amount of phone calls one specific extension made and what the call duration of every call was.

As you can tell, technology is changing every day, its primary objective being to change the way in which we connect and complete projects and tasks. Can you picture where we'll be in fifty years?


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