The proper way to Sell Your Book on for $99

a while gone, on a desktop far, far away.. Who has not dreamed not only of writing their own book, but seeing it in print on, having a copy for their shelf, buying 'five copies for my mum? ' Well, now you can do it for a $99 charge and some cybernetic elbow grease. The current page will demonstrate how I did it, and chances are that you can do it too. I have been reading for one or two years about Print On Demand, the neat new techology where you put in PDF files on one end ( One for the cover, one for the guts ) and an attractive, perfect-bound, bookstore-quality book comes out the other. My difficulty with that is I haven't got any room in my garage for books, I do not truly wish to become involved in the method of selling and shipping books, handling returns, and the like. All of a sudden, while Googling something a week gone, I stumbled upon some superb Goo.

Amazon, the web Waterstone's, has soaked up a POD publisher named BookSurge, making it a separate Amazon division. It ships within 48 hours, BookSurge pays me a 25 percent royalty within sixty days, I will be able to even buy five copies for my mummy at a reduction! I emailed BookSurge and was allocated an account manager, who I am going to call Joseph ( since his name is Joseph ). I inquired about the small print of publishing a book. For $599 I could get the hand-holding, send us your manuscript version of the publishing, or if I was brave, bold, and could format my own PDFs, for $99 I could use the Author's Express program to upload my book projects.

Since my book creation project was designed to be the forerunner of a lot more titles, $99 appeared like the most obvious way to go.

I decided from the git-go that MS Word and PDF Factory Pro would work for me, since that is what I had on my desktop, and I do not actually need to spend weeks learning yet one more desktop publishing application, though I am definitely sure it's a very good one. The only real shortcut I took is that my cover is straight text, with no photographs on it.

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