Quickturn PCB Advantages

Companies have been using the term Quickturn PCB for ages, but the name didn't necessarily reflect the concept until about 2001. 2001 was around the time manufacturers of PCBs started offering quick CAM review of submitted files, order tracking, and immediate online quotes. Click here for more information on Quickturn PCB.

Quickturn PCB ordering is most useful in situations where several prototypes must be constructed. This allows users to easily submit PCB specifications to the manufacturer, and as implied by it's name, a quick turnaround for orders. Manufacturing delays have been greatly reduced, and final products are arriving exactly to specifications thanks to PCB layout software and tools such as FreeDFM file check. When a company is working to overcome a functional deficiency, the Quickturn process allows them to test several potential fixes to the problem simultaneously. After the deficiency has been resolved and the device is ready for production, customizable detailed orders can then be placed. For more information on Quickturn PCB, click here.

Companies that are rushing to get a product to market have been saved by using Quickturn PCB combined with FreeDFM. Some PCB manufacturers still provide only general recommendations to avoid CAM delays or other manufacturing defects, which, though helpful, cannot foresee the specific situations encountered in many PCB layouts. Because of the availability of these dynamic, individual file checking devices, there is now a much simpler way to identify defects, and allow speedy repairs to the affected area of the circuit board. Hobbyists also love to use Quickturn because it enables them to play around with a design or decide if that design is practical. Depending on the complexity, fabrication is relatively inexpensive and can be completed in short order.

There are many benefits to using Quickturn PCB, and order processes are crisper and cleaner now that they can be completed via the Internet. Ordering Quickturn is probably the best option for manufacturers and/or hobbyists to get their orders on time and to their exact specifications without compromising quality. For Quickturn PCB ordering info, click here.


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