Samsung LCD Higher Definition TV Review

The Good

Excellent display quality; good contract with your colors; variety of styles available; media center kind of functionality; USB port for gizmos other hardware

The Terrible

A bit expensive; uneasy remote controls with a lot of models; a few records of overheating

The Net profit

If you can afford to invest in a Samsung LCD HIGHER DEFINITION TV, you should definitely create the purchase. However, do your research beforehand to make certainly you avoid models by using potential overheating problems.


Samsung televisions, in general, have a reputation for excellent. The Samsung LCD HDTV models carry on with that tradition. The television for computer itself provides amazing appearance quality, even when compared with other LCD screens.

The high contrast regarding the colors and the improved quality in the black make the display quality superior to many of the models on the promote currently. Plus, the richer black tones mean it's not necessary to worry about glare lessening your display quality.

You can also chose the Samsung LCD HDTV in a great many size options, depending which series you choose. Any Series 7 models, as an example, come in 40, 46, as well as 52 inch choices. Reduced television sizes, including some 19 inch model, can be bought in Series 7.

Another plus certainly is the high refresh rate. While having a lower refresh rate isn't able to make much difference when you find yourself watching a movie or simply your television programming, you will observe a remarkable improvement if you're a video game gambler. No matter which system you love the Samsung LCD HDTV models with a 120 hz refresher rate are worth money.

The number of interconnection on these televisions is also amazing. Many of the models wouldn't have enough for a real home cinema system. The Samsung LCD HIGHER DEFINITION TV, however, comes with a number of built-in HDMI inputs, plus an Ethernet port so you're able to connect your television on the Internet.

You might also enjoy the TruSound technology built into the televisions for improved upon sound quality even when you shouldn't have true surround sound at your residence.

Some of the Samsung LCD HDTV models can also double as media stores. They have a large built-in disc drive for storing files you might want to view on the television for computer. For example, you could view family photos, music clips, or your favorite going movie from online dvd rental stores.

The only complaints along with the Samsung LCD HDTV is the remote. With some devices, the remotes have also been very awkwardly shaped. That may not seem like a big deal but if you're able to be holding the remote inside your hand frequently you want something that is going to feel right. A few reports of overheating problems are also made by consumers with a lot of the models. Do your homework before purchasing the model of Samsung LCD Televisions that best fit the needs you have.

For some buyers, the value might also be very important. For a 46 in . Samsung LCD HDTV product, prices are between $1, 500 as well as $2, 000. You can find other models for less than that in the exact same size category but they won't have the 1080p image resolution.


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