Toshiba BDX3000: A straightforward Intro to Blu-ray

Blu-ray, also referred to as Blu-ray Disc (BD), is a name related with a next generation optical disc format. It's got a similar physical proportions as regular DVDs and Compact disks, however offers more than 5 times the storage capability of traditional DVDs, holding as much as 27 GB of data on a single-layer disc, that is a lot more than 2 hrs of high definition video or even about thirteen hrs of regular video, and as much as Fifty GB on a dual-layer disc. Current advancements by Pioneer have delivered the storage potential to 500GB on a solitary disc by utilizing Twenty layers.

This additional capability merged jointly with the usage of advanced video and audio codecs gives customers an unprecedented HD experience. Furthermore, extras for instance bonus material and special features may be included in high quality inside the same disc, so there is no requirement for separate bonus discs to go with the film title.

Blu-ray was collectively developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), a selection of the world's best consumer electronics, pc and media companies, such as Dell, Apple, HP, Hitachi, JVC, Mitsubishi, Pioneer, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Sony, Samsung, Sharp, Thomson and TDK. It has been created to permit recording, rewriting and playback of high-definition video (HD), and also keeping large amounts of data.

Although existing optical disc technologies for instance DVD make use of a red laser to read and write data, the Blu-ray format utilizes a blue-violet laser in its place. The advantage of using a blue-violet laser (405 nm) is that it's got a smaller wavelength than a red laser (650 nm), so that it is achievable to focus the laser area with even higher accuracy. That enables data to be packed a lot more closely and stored in a reduced amount of space, so it's possible to fit more files on the disc. Nevertheless, despite the different type of lasers used, Blu-ray merchandise can easily be created backwards compatible with CDs and DVDs via the usage of a BD/DVD/CD compatible optical pickup unit.

Throughout the format war over high-definition optical discs, Blu-ray Disc competed with the HD DVD format. Yet, on February 19, 2008, Toshiba, the main organization promoting HD DVD, announced it would certainly no longer develop, make, or even market HD DVD players and recorders, leading almost all other HD DVD organizations to follow suit, and thus effectively ending the format war. Blu -ray happens to be supported by about Two hundred of the world's major pc, consumer electronics, recording media, music and video game companies. The format has the benefit of support from all Hollywood studios and other small studios to be a successor to the present DVD format. Key blank media producers for instance TDK likewise support the Blu-ray Disc format as the successor to DVD.

Blu-ray provides a number of the most effective copy protection procedures ever made for any buyer format, rendering it the very best choice for just about any content publisher wanting assurance that their precious assets are safeguarded from piracy. The format includes a powerful copy protection system, which not only relies on implementation on the playback device, but this includes safeguards at replicator level, which can be strictly controlled. Unlike the voluntary implementation of CSS protection in DVD, the copy protection mechanism for Blu-ray Disc is required and will be ruled by rigid licensing procedures.

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