Zoom H4n Handy Recorder Examine

The Zoom H4n Handy Recorder:

After 8 weeks of hands-on use with the Zoom H4n Handy Recorder I thought A totally free write a quick critique. This unit is truly one of the best deals on the market right now on the subject of personal digital recorders, there is solid construction, good good quality built-in condenser microphones, a big bright back-lit screen, simple to operate buttons and a pleasant rubber grip. The sound quality is quite good, I use it just for producing home demos in classical and steel string fingerstyle guitar music and besides going into a studio oahu is the easiest way for me to do so with a professional appearing result.

I have compared it side by side with its sister system the Zoom H2 and although H2 produces a pleasant recording the H4n is unquestionably superior in sound good quality and overall features. A common unit that I have tried that we think out competes the Zoom H4n is the Sony PCM-D50 which reaches least $150 dollars more and besides a slightly better entire sound quality, doesn't offer comparable features (such because two real XLR/quarter-inch jacks on the Zoom, SD-Card).


I love the feel: Compared to the older Zoom H4 this unit feels like a real machine, solid rubberized outside using a nice heavy feel. Many of the other units like the H2, Edirol, and Tascam feel like toys compared to the H4n.

The screen: Major, bright and easy to learn, whats not to like!

Adjustable microphones: I didn't think that this has to be big deal to me but after getting the Zoom out to a few concerts (one rock show your decide one symphony performance) with the ability to adjust the range of the microphones is a wonderful asset!

SD-Card slot: This was an easy decision, why limit yourself to a hardware specific format like Sony does, right now May possibly a 16GB card while in the zoom and SD greeting cards are cheap and simply reachable.

Included accessories!: The H4n shows a mic clip which is basically just a microphone handle that screws into your tripod mount (another thing to have) to help you use the zoom together with any standard microphone, Constantly tell you how well this works within a studio/live setting! THE CIRCUMSTANCE!!! It's just a effortless plastic case big enough for your recorder to fit in but it has already saved great butt... while walking out in my apartment down the concrete stairs the zoom slid because of my laptop case and bounced all the way to the bottom, since the device was in this effortless plastic case, not a new scratch!!

Battery charger: Throw in some excellent rechargeable batteries and it'll always be all set to go when you are.

It just plain works! I love it when on those rare occasions I buy some equipment that actually enhances my music making along with the Zoom is definitely one particular items. Whether I am recording a complete piece of music or perhaps small phrases to have fun with with my interpretation the zoom makes recording a bit more enjoyable and simple process than sitting in front of a computer screen endeavoring to juggle a mouse plus an audio interface.

Typically the Dislikes:

Yep, there are definitely some dislikes.

Long boot-up time: It takes upwards of the minute to boot up and stay ready to record, not a big deal but definitely a pain.

No guard on the microphones: I would not need to see what happened in case the zoom came off a new table and hit the ground with the microphones initial. This is why it is best to use the mic clip or simply a stable tripod, and keep it in the case when transporting.

Menu selection: This one is a tough one for Zoom, they've included so many features that when you want to navigate to get to some it becomes a little cumbersome, but if like most of us all your doing can be recording sound it's inactive simple.

Handling noise: This can be common for all recorders within this arena, thankfully if you have the included microphone clip do not hear anything.

Other than that, so far there is nothing else that I won't like about this system, and more than whats long been mentioned here the I do like! I would endorse this to anyone hoping to do high-quality recordings for your very reasonable price.

Whether you can be a reporter ready just for breaking news, an event organizer hoping to record a conference or perhaps lecture, or a professional musician seeking out durable recorder with great features and ultimate performance, you must look and buy zoom h4n handy portable digital recorder.

Cheers and I am hoping you found this valuable,


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