Bluetooth Features of the LG Revolution

A common misconception about smart phones is that Bluetooth is Bluetooth. In actuality, Bluetooth implementations vary, sometimes to a great degree. A good example of this is the LG Revolution, which has one of the most sophisticated Bluetooth implementations around. In this article, we'll go explore a bit on the LG Revolution.

Like an LG Revolution case and an LG Revolution screen protector, an LG Revolution Bluetooth headset is a top choice in LG Revolution accessories. Of course, this still hold true for other smart phones. But even then, many consumers don't even spend that much time thinking about purchasing a Bluetooth device. People assume that the Bluetooth feature is just there, and so they assume that feature will simply be the same on every device. But that's completely wrong, and that Bluetooth implementations are actually very different among makes and models. So in this article, we'll consider the Bluetooth implementation that the LG Revolution offers, an implementation that sets it apart from its competition.

Bluetooth give consumers a standard transmission of vocal data in which is carried across short distances. When we think data, we think about a task like transferring our office documents from our LG Revolution to our PC. Of course, streaming music from another device or hosting a phone is another thing. The newest version of the Bluetooth standard is Bluetooth 3.0, which is what the LG Revolution uses. The main aspect separating Bluetooth 3.0 from past incarnations is speed. It can now transfer as fast as 24 Mbps. In other words, that's fast enough to stream high-quality video. Bluetooth 3.0 is also fully backward compatible so that it works seamlessly with all technology made for earlier versions.

Most smart phone users use Bluetooth for hands-free phone communication. It's an incredible convenience, and most states require it by law while driving. But due to the enhanced throughput of Bluetooth 3.0, the LG Revolution supports data streams that are far more demanding. For instance, if you have a headset that supports the AD2P Bluetooth profile, you can stream music from your LG Revolution. Similarly, you can use Bluetooth speakers. Having Bluetooth speakers are pretty convenient since you can put them almost anywhere, and it'll do its job. Even though a power source is required they usually have a replaceable battery that can be charged.

Discovery and connection is a feature that is handles very well by this mobile device. Discovery is the process by which the LG Revolution searches for and indexes Bluetooth-enabled devices within its range. Connection is the process by which the LG Revolution connects to the Bluetooth-enabled device, typically with little user interaction. After all, the main purpose of Bluetooth is convenience. This new smart phone is particularly sophisticated in that it always works automatically, and it never has issues discovering or connecting to devices that are working properly.

Transferring data from phone to computer is one of the main functions of a Bluetooth device. Most modern computers come with built-in Bluetooth support. If a computer doesn't have it, you can add it easily if the computer has a USB port via a Bluetooth dongle. In a Windows environment, the OS will automatically detect the dongle, and then the LG Revolution will automatically detect the Bluetooth-enabled computer. No matter what kind of Bluetooth device you purchase you can be sure that the Revolution will provide you with a very strong signal.


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