Dell Inspiron Mixture Cross Netbook/Tablet

Dell Inspiron 15R 1198MRB 15.6-Inch Laptop

Dell Inspiron Duo hybrid netbook is said to be a windows 7 premium that is expected to be bundled with a dual core atom N550 processor. The luxurious PC would be redesigned now with this Dell new release that would be soon out in market. Any detailed specification about this netbook is still not known but there are few expectations that are done from this new technical style premium netbook. It is expected that the Dell Inspiron Duo will be out in market by end of year.

Inspiron Duo Features

This new Dell Inspiron Duo could have swivel screen with 10 inch screen. This dell Duo will be transformed from a tablet straight into netbook. This revolutionary product is thin looking in fact it is powered with Intel atom N550 processor. This product is surely going to call to mind Compaq TC1000. This Inspiron Duo supports multi-touch facility. It could be perfectly declared that Inspiron Duo can be some form of netbook killer. You have this netbook which has a frame and you will easily flip the frame inwards or outwards. It really is expected that the memory capacity in this device from Dell is 2GHz also it houses 1.5 GHz dual core from Intel. It becomes focusing on Windows 7 premium computer.

Dell Inspiron Duo hybrid network specs include its key that includes style and convenience to users. Here is the swiveling screen that transforms it from the tablet format to netbook form. No use any central hinge connected to the base of netbook nevertheless it includes a screen frame that's two contact points. Now either you can place the frame down or ensure it is emerge. It really works down to your convenience. So you have this new choice of netbooks completely stylish and user convenient. Very little is understood whether this product could well be having touchscreen or capacitive as nothing around the Inspiron Duos' specs happen to be released yet.

Inspiron Duo Netbook

This new Dell Tablet can be released by end of year, because it is expected. Clouds off assumptions and everything can be clear as soon as the Dell notebook is released. It is also expected this tablet can be convenient with rough handling it's the same going to be preserved longer with regards to durability. It might be surely creating a built in keyboard along with swiveling screen.

Dell Netbook Advantages

Surely this upcoming device from Dell could well be having several benefits linked to it automobile design and features. Technology-not only since your laptop as well as a tablet while you are going or travelling somewhere. It becomes also supporting all major sorts of Microsoft applications. Little else have been specified with either another specs and the tariff of this new release from Dell. But this is certainly surely likely to be new design from Dell and many eyebrows would b raised using its release in market.


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