Features of the T-Mobile G2x

This smart phone has a dual-core processor with 512 MB of RAM. The internal storage holds 8GB, and it supports 32GB of additional external storage. It has a rear and front facing camera. The front facing camera for video chat is only a 1.3MP, but the rear facing camera is 8MP. The rear camera also supports 1080p video capture. It runs on the 4G network for fast download speeds. Watching YouTube videos and playing high graphics games will not be a problem with the G2x. The G2x runs the vanilla version of android, but it is the dated 2.2 version. The phone, like many other androids, comes with the pre-installed software or bloatware. Third party apps are also pre-installed on the phone, but you can still use apps that you would rather use.

The T-mobile G2x accessories are customized to fit its design and shape. There are plenty of custom accessories that will be available for the T-mobile G2x including headsets, adapters, cables, chargers, etc. T-mobile has gone through extended lengths to make sure the accessories for the G2x is customized its shape and contour. If you own an LG Optimus 2X, you might have accessories to fit it already. WIth the large selection of accessories available for G2x, there are two that you should invest in.

If you own a smart phone, you know the importance of screen protectors. The T-mobile G2x screen protector is customized to fit its needs. Online, you can buy two packs of screen protectors for $12.99. They are designed for anti smear. They're easy to apply and they have nothing to do with the touch screen capabilities. This is not exactly a substitute for quality insurance, but it will help tremendously to keep your phone from being damaged in very sensitive areas.

There are different designs of the T-mobile G2x case made to fit the new design. They style of case that you decide on is all preference. There is the Cellet noble vertical belt clip, the Cellet omega horizontal belt clip, the Dickies tool bag horizontal carrying case, and more. There are a different number of cases, but these are the bulk of what you would find. You can buy the majority of the styles in store, but you might find better deals online.

This phone is shaping up to be a great smart phone. If you missed out on the LG Optimus 2X, this is your chance to take advantage of its brother. With a pending takeover from AT&T, who is known for their not so friendly androids, it is unsure of how things will play out. Even though the G2x will be launched running off of the 2.2 version of android, T-mobile is promising a speedy upgrade to the gingerbread 2.3 version soon after the release.


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