Hosted Telephony Services

For getting our heads throughout the state of play within the an entire world of hosted telephony services, we spoke with industry expert Paul Desbois.

Q. Hi Paul, I want someone to imagine We're inexperienced on this marketplace. I could truthfully be owning a call centre as an example, but desire to streamline my operation and be taught a little concerning the how's and why's of Hosted services. What else could you identify.

Paul: Let's enter into some background first, and change from there.

There are two primary technology environments inside any company that are fitted with to convey: some may be telephony along with the other is the IT environment. For telephony we're considering telephones, modems, free ringtones stuff that connect with the network but altogether people contemplate this as voice.

Within the IT side you're preaching about database applications specific to in operation. People hosted pbx are likely to consider that as data. Today, using ISDN and VoIP the two will be combined in the one umbrella. However, people still perceive them as various things - telecoms for voice and computers for data.

Today, look at is out and buys a cell phone system plus in making that decision about what telephone system to buy they have to check out their voice applications and what they really want about their inbound and outbound voice calls. You will discover questions in people's minds today about what is the way forward for voice technology planning to seem like; historically this has been something called TDM* along with the future seems like something called VoIP. There is an question that of those technologies to get, what are style of applications that you're going to be able to operated with those technologies and what services for a business definitely will necessary for the longer term.

Then you have the issue to remain prior to the competition.

There may be significant costs in starting a business to be able to compete inside a given environment, therefore we will be using capital expenditure to obtain in technologies, both IT technologies and Telecom technologies essential to be able to compete.

For a webhost we move while using the times, accept the responsibility of capital expenditure so our customers can just can get on with the information they actually best.


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