HTC HD7 Overview

The HTC HD7 is the first Windows Phone 7 device on T-Mobile's network and the first 4.3-inch device running Microsoft's user-friendly new OS. This handset provides a lot of real-estate for web surfing, watching videos, and playing Xbox Live games. The integrated kickstand is another nice perk. Then again, the WP7-powered Samsung Focus on AT&T includes a superior display, and T-Mobile's lineup of Android devices is looking mighty fine currently.

Being likened to the HTC Desire HD is made for the greater degree an excellent in the eyes, when we set eyes on the HTC HD7, there we were hopeful. Its big fascia, curved, smooth back, solid look and feel all add up nicely. You could possibly recall our niggle with the HTC Desire HD lay with the battery cover and card cover being fiddly, this really is remedied with the HTC HD7, which adopts a battery cover on the back.

The HTC HD7 is definitely recognizable sibling of the Desire HD and EVO 4G, largely due to the screen. Delivering quite similar results at the same 480x800 resolution, the Super LCD display gets the same positive remarks - big, bright and ultimately, an authentic eye popper. On the downside, additionally it is slightly dull compared to a Super AMOLEDs, with blacks onto it looking a dark shade of grey and colours lacking that AMOLED saturation people cannot often get an adequate amount of.

The HTC HD7 gives you a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and 512MB ROM/576MB RAM. The processor isn't the next-gen Snapdragon processor present in the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G; the fact is, it's the same processor present in the HD2. It might have been nice if there had been more hardware upgrades, including the processor and display, but the cell phone was generally responsive during our review period. Applications launched almost immediately, therefore we didn't experience any major delays or crashes. However, as on the Samsung Focus and HTC Surround, it took a short while for Xbox Live games to load, but once going, the gameplay was smooth and fun.

Camera and Camcorder
Although the HD7 can record nearly 720p video, our clip looked out-of-focus and somewhat jerky whenever we played it back with a larger display.

Call Quality
The quad-band (GSM 850/900/1800/1900) HTC HD7 in New york city using T-Mobile service, and call quality was good. On our end of the conversation, the audio was rich without having kind of voice distortion.

Battery life
Battery life on the HTC HD7 is merely okay. Having a quoted 6.3 hours talk-time and 17 days standby time, in fact, with fair usage, it lasts an entire day, but that's it. Markedly as good as the HTC Desire HD, it's still not great therefore we hope HTC start pumping more juice to their future releases with screens with this size.


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