iPad Review -A Look at this Popular Device

The iPad's popularity is turning heads. Many consumers purchased them right away while others are leery of them still.

Those who are still skeptical of the iPad's capabilities just don't know what it can do and if it's worth the money. The following article information will show you the in's and out's of the iPad.

Getting an iPad is a good idea if you like reading e-books. E-Readers like the Nook and Kindle don't have the same LCD screen as an iPad which is bright and good for your eyes. Apple has its own bookstore called iBooks and provides you with an app for the Kindle. The iPad is expensive compared to other e-readers if this is all it used for. These devices don't offer you the same features as iPad -- internet access and being able to play games and watch videos. Comic book fans like the Marvel Comic app which lets them read their favorite comic books and enjoy the high definition illustrations. Gamers will really appreciate the ability you'll have to play games on the iPad. The screen is a high quality screen and 3D games look amazing on it. Serious gamers are not impressed with the iPad claiming that the interface for gaming is more difficult to manipulate than using a mouse, keyboard, or wheel in combination with a computer. There is a new accessory on the horizon though that will eliminate these problems and make the iPad a better choice for gaming. Until this accessory is released gamers will have to choose between those hard core gaming functions and choosing another platform for their games.

One major complaint with the iPad is that it won't support flash which causes some limitations when viewing videos on some websites. This does not limit you from viewing YouTube videos with the app you can get for it.

Apple does not support flash on this device because of the fact that it's slow and hogs your memory. Sometime in the not so distant future it's likely that alternatives such as HTML5 (which YouTube is already experimenting with) will become available. If you need to have flash for what you'll use it for it might not make you so happy. There are plenty of reasons to give the iPad a second glance with so many attractive and (sometimes) addictive features. It's the total package for entertainment complete with access to the Internet. However, you'll have to trade off popular features like phone calls and taking pictures in the process. You'll need to consider all of these things as you work out in your mind whether you really need an iPad or not. This information was brought to you by http://tilethatlookslikewood.com, your source for all things related on tile that looks like wood.


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