OtterBox iPhone 4 Defender Series case strengths and weaknesses

The company, iPhone Defender Series, Fort Collins has produced a series of four cases in three series and series of utilities commute from Colorado-based company OtterBox iPhone 4 Case OtterBox iPhone Defender Case Series. Each series has a slightly different characteristics than others. In this article I describe the Defender series.

IPhone Defender Series will focus on security. As the name implies, it is really necessary to prevent damage to the defense of the iPhone 4. I often use the device so you enough, the floor accidentally dropped on what happens in concrete or hard surfaces means.

Plastics, silicones: Defender Series is made from two distinct materials. Lining, iPhone is made in durable plastic material as the shell. This is in fact, that you are strong, even if it is dropped, iPhone would be good. 4 iPhone is to ensure that sufficient protection is indeed the case will be added to the outside of the additional silicon. The silicone material acts as a shock absorber. In addition, iPhone will not be the gripper to be easy to miss four of your hand, as a function of rubber.

OtterBox does not appear in this series is not bad. This included eight colors to choose from. They are black, black plastic / silicone red, blue zircon, plastic / black silicon, plastic, silicone, purple, white, pink and white plastic / silicone black is white.

The color can be distinguished from other iPhone 4. For example, two telephones at home, compared to if you have a variety of colors that you can tell your wife or husband and that you own. It is not fair to me about writing good things about this case. As with other products, some people, the fourth iPhone OtterBox Defender series case has a variety of opinions

Some people first, iPhone 4 is in some cases it is to say that look great when you are wrapped. This is not completely wrong. But it is wrapped in them, because you are not familiar with please see it looks good. They then used a new design, a few days later, iPhone will look normal. Not all of the Kii Hiroshi.

The concept of the defender series, iPhone because it is to provide you full protection of the fourth when the iPhone is one of them wrapped in your iPhone 4 of 4 "sealed." This is a small strip when the iPhone will be difficult. Easy, then, if you are looking for an example of the series can be removed, make sure that from you. But, again so that your most beloved iPhone is safe 4.


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