Printed Circuit Boards: Getting a PCB Quote

Once you have finished that PCB design, you then have to see how much it's going to cost to have that design built. Many manufacturers offer PCB quotes right on their website. This makes obtaining a PCB much faster and much simpler than it used to be. Manufacturers will need to gather some information about your PCB design before they will provide a quote.

To give a quote, the majority of manufacturers will only need your Gerber files, board dimensions, and quantity for 2 Layer PCBs that won't need any specialized functionality. Some manufacturers may need some more information such as how many parts are to be mounted on the surface or how many through holes, and also any lead-free requirements. Click here to learn more about 2 Layer PCBs.

For more feature-rich, customized boards and higher production quantities, your manufacturer will have a custom quote feature that will go beyond their standard design and manufacturing services. The majority of designers won't need this kind of custom service, nor could they afford it.

2 Layer PCB Quotes

Most manufacturers base their PCB quote on at least a 2 Layer PCB. Manufacturing a single layer PCB is more expensive than manufacturing a 2 layer PCB. The price of a PCB won't go up too drastically when adding more layers, that is until you get up to 10 or more. For more information on 2 Layer PCBs, click here.

Again, your manufacturer will want to know lead times, quantities, board size, lead-free processing, solder mask info, number of holes, and amount of finished copper. As the number of layers increases, the price of the PCB quote will increase to accommodate your required features.

Getting Multiple PCB Quotes

There are several reputable commercial manufacturers that can provide a PCB quote for anything from single prototype boards to a production run numbering in the thousands. For those who are choosing a manufacturer based on price, request quotes from several manufacturers for comparison. When price isn't your main worry, identify which manufacturer can provide quality products in a reasonable time frame. Click here to learn more about 2 Layer PCBs.


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