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Apple iPod nano 8 GB Green (3rd Generation) OLD MODEL

iPod battery life is an important consideration to most iPod users. The battery degrades over time and is not easily changed by the users. That's true, to a point, as the battery is lithium based; although it can be recharged up to 500 times, it does degrade over time.

When that happens, although it is possible for users to change the battery themselves, many of them do not want to risk damaging their iPod Nano. Does that mean that the iPod Nano 8GB was designed to be a expendable device? No. Apple designed the iPod Nano 8GB to last a long time.

The lifespan of the electric battery is only a couple of years, because it is lithium dependent. This nets the user countless costs; nevertheless, at some point, the lithium battery stop working. An iPod battery is not designed for person alternative.

The reason being the battery is soldered into the ipod device case. The problem of unable to alter the ipod device battery did not last long though, because experienced entrepreneurs capitalized about the situation and provided owners of the iPod Nano 8 gb an alternate alternative battery, including directions regarding how to take away the old battery and insert the new 1. Those who own the iPod Nano 8 gb might choose to send their own gadget to Apple with regard to ipod device battery alternative.

In addition, Apple provides users tips about the website regarding how to preserve their own battery. The following advice and tricks will ensure your battery will last longer: An iPod battery functions at it's greatest when the ipod device Nano 8 gb is at space temperature, in between Zero to 35 D (or even 32 to 95 Farrenheit).

By no means leave your ipod device Nano 8 gb in the car. You shouldn't reveal your iPod to sunlight. When unwatched, Push the Temporarily stop. When you are not making use of your ipod device, slide the button into the Maintain placement.

Your own ipod device will continue to experience when the hold button isn't pressed. This can significantly effect the life of your ipod device battery. Most of the time, you won't require back again illumination.

This function melts away a lot of the reserved electric batteries. If you do not absolutely need this, power it down. Select: Configurations > Back gentle Timer > Off. You should be aware that even if you're not making use of your ipod device, the battery is still working.

Whilst your ipod device Nano 8 gb is actually resting, the battery is still completely conscious, and manages to lose a small amount of present. By ensuring your own ipod device can be used and stashed away at space temperature, you are able to significantly limit the amount of battery present being used. Getting this one simple action will make best use of your ipod device battery.


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