Real-time Updates With The garmin 1690 Gps Navigator

The Garmin Navigator 1690 takes all the same top features of Garmin's previous devices and adds a greater degree of connectivity which will make navigation easier. The frame includes a curvier design than previous devices, though the same glossy finish. Normally the one major upgrade on this navigator is the nuLink feature that provides real-time updates of online content for traffic and travel conditions. It is a fantastic aspect to help you navigate around slow-traffic construction sites that is an actual time saver. The neighborhood search is powered by Google, getting the top route available as well as a map to use as helpful information.

The Gas Prices service on this device will reveal the top gas prices in the area you happen to be traveling in then when you select the price, you'll have the specific service station and directions on the station. On long road trips this feature can save you a lot of cash in fuel costs. The Garmin GPS Navigator also includes the Ciao! Service that helps you retain an eye on others.

Other services on this device provide updated weather reports, movie schedules, flight updates and white page searches. The always helpful Lane Assist feature is included about the navigator at the same time. It is a must in high-traffic areas to help you make those crucial turns properly. Should you be considering multiple errands and you need to do them in optimal travel time sequence, you need to use multiple routes to avoid wasting both of you time and cash. For trips, HotFix Satellite Predictor can help you map out the top travel route for your trip. You should use the ecoRoute feature to help you select the most fuel efficient route. With fuel prices at current levels the device pays for itself very quickly.


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