Seven Best Stuffs in iPhones: Why We Should Get One For our Toddlers

Who says toddlers no more than know how to play with toys? They also play with iPhones. Toddlers make up to Apple Applications' long list of customers as the children's entertainment market rises though they did not predict Building like that in the coming years. The dynamic visuals and graphics of the iPhone presented kids, toddlers, and their parents a stimulating means to learn the essentials of knowledge such as reading alphabets, recognizing letters and music, and up to familiarizing with good behaviors.

Current studies have shown that even these applications assist in the brain nurturing of children with special needs like autism and dyslexia or the difficulty in reading. Let's now give a look at some of iPhone applications which has captured our toddler's interest.

ABC = 123 Blocks
This application introduces alphabets, numbers, shapes, and music among other things to learn in pre-school. The alphabet section allows your kids to flip through the letters and match them with the animals given. On the other hand, the numbers area, lets your kids touch the number onscreen, to hear how they are pronounced and view an animation of how to actually write the number. The shape section allows your child to be familiar with the shapes and colors. And lastly, in the music section, let your kids hear music and compose their own songs. You understand what's even cooler about this app is that it was designed by parents who have kids of their own.

Animals for Toddlers
This application is about knowing animals. It is made through flashing pictures of animals on flashcards on screen, conducting quizzes, and of course, a sound board to listen to what these animals are capable of doing. The forty flashcards are designed to attract children's attention. The sound board also spells words aloud with animation. It's auditory features appeals so much to little ones and even to their parents.

On other applications, numbers, letters, and shapes alternatively rise on the screen. And every time your child touches the screen, a new letter, a new number, or a new shape will show in front. There will also be a voice telling that which have appeared every time your child touches it. Confidently, your child will enjoy doing this over and over again.

Toddler Counting
This app makes counting more interesting for children by counting colorful and interesting stuffs in the monitor. As an added means to attract children into counting, the application airs an applaud melody every after job well done.

Firstwords: Deluxe
This app teaches children how to spell words and recognize letters. It has a total of 147 words, 22 shapes, 14 colors, 35 pictures of vehicles and 44 animals from which your child can know a lot at his fingertips.

KidCalc -7-in-1 Math Fun
This is definite way of getting to learn math concepts for children in their primary schooling fruitfully yet entertaining.

This application on the other hand teaches our kids what good behaviours are and reinforces them.

It's actually clever that there are initiatives from manufacturers to bring their products closer to children's needs. Who will say these high-end technologies now are only for big men? With the new iPhone features, learning was made amusing and easy for children. These are already out in the market at affordable prices. Prefer those with applications enjoyable for your children. You surely get your money's worth.

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