Sony Products - A Few Recommended Buys

One of the biggest and most recognizable companies in the world is Sony Corporation, the Japanese multinational conglomerate based in Tokyo, Japan. Sony Corporation, most commonly referred to as just Sony, is a company that has grown from a single electronics store into a massive global electronics powerhouse. The company first became successful when it managed to take the transistor radio technology that had recently been developed in the 1950s and turn it into a successful and profitable product for consumers.

Sony has always been a company that is renowned for its innovation in technology and has also been the pioneering company introducing new product formats to the market. Some of the most notable Sony product releases of recent months have been detailed below.

With Apples recent release of its second generation iPad, a company as well known for innovation as Sony could not just stand back and allow the iPad to corner the market. In fact, Sony has made a bold move in developing its own range of tablet computers that are expected to reach the market in only a few months. The Sony Tablet range of 2 primary formats of tablet computers have some impressive hardware specifications coupled to a very popular operating system, namely the Android 3.0 platform. The tablets, codenamed S1 and S2, are expected to be close competitors for the iPad in not only functionality, but also style, with the S2 variant offering 2 separate LCD displays.

Another of Sonys latest innovations has been in the form of the worlds first high definition internet TV powered by Google. The 2 companies have combined to develop a range of televisions and internet based visual entertainment systems that use the internet to stream media directly to your living room. In order for HDTV to be a viable option streamed over the internet, Sony have also been developing a premium video streaming service that offers users the ability to purchase or rent titles and watch them without having to leave the comfort of their armchairs.

Sonys VAIO range of laptops and netbooks are known to be of particularly high quality and ability in the portable computing industry, and the prices of which certainly do not dissuade consumers of that fact. However, in a bid to strengthen its lineup, Sony has released a couple more laptops to the VAIO range. The Z Series VPCZ13M9E is a high level business orientated notebook that has some very impressive internal hardware, though with a price tag to suit of around $2,000. The S Series VPCSB1V9E is an entry level notebook that comes in well under $1,000, though there is a lot more in the way of competition at this level and it could be said that Sony are relying on the prestige of their brand to persuade potential customers.

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