Top Music Apps for the Motorola Xoom

One thing that many consumers have noticed is that the tablet market is getting very competitive. The Motorola Xoom is powered by the Honeycomb OS which is an updated version of the Android OS. To truly prove its worth to the consumer, the Xoom will need to demonstrate an ability to provide a complete experience. That experience will be heavily influenced by its ability provide users with a quality music experience. The good thing is that there are many different applications that are available for the Xoom.

Individuals want choices. That is why there is such are so many Motorola Xoom accessories. Take the Motorola Xoom case as an example. People want one in the color of their choice, with a style and design that expresses who they are and what they stand for. The same goes for music players because people also want a music player that also fits their personality. Fortunately, there are already plenty of great alternatives to choose from and each has its own unique appeal.

DoubleTwist is a very unique media player that will be used by people to evaluate how well the Xoom can perform. It plays most of the popular media file formats like MP3, AVI, and MP4. This application works very well with podcasts and it syncs up perfectly with iTunes. The video quality is outstanding. Crystal clear images are almost guaranteed even when the Motorola Xoom Screen protector has a few smudges from dirty fingers. Because DoubleTwist has a Xoom specific version, users can take advantage of Honeycomb's advanced media transfer capabilities. It is super easy to synchronize your playlist with any kind of computer.

This device has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities that really set this device apart from every other tablet. Social networking has become very popular and it is one reason why people will be purchasing this tablet. One music application that embraces social networking with music is Last.FM. After installing the application, you can set up your playlists. analyzes the genres and artists you like and compares it with other users. You will then have friends who share the same interests as you. Recommendations from your neighbors can be offered by can also make recommendations to the whole neighborhood.

Pandora Radio is one of the most downloaded applications for any phone, tablet and computer. They have an application for the Android OS that works well on the Motorola Xoom. Pandora has a music library that is always growing and new music is added every day. Setting up a playlist or even a personalized radio station is easy. Pandora even recommends new music and artists based what you already enjoy listening to. Streaming Pandora through a Bluetooth connection on the Motorola Xoom is sure to be a popular way to enjoy music for many users.

The last program we will discuss is Rhapsody. It works just fine with the Motorola Xoom but, can't take advantage of built in support for media transfer. Syncing playlists can sometimes be more labor intensive on the Xoom with the generic Android version of Rhapsody. However, this will soon change because there is a Xoom specific Rhapsody application due to come out soon. With a music library in excess of 8 million songs, Rhapsody is definitely one music app that will see significant adoption by Xoom users.


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