Using Accessories to Remove Scratches on the Motorola Xoom

A case and a screen protector are two of the most important accessory purchases you can make for the Motorola Xoom tablet because they prevent scratches. In this article, we'll look at the wide array of protective measures, and we'll look at the steps you can take when a scratch has already occurred.

Of all the Android tablets on the market, none has distinguished itself quite as well as the Motorola Xoom has. The Motorola Xoom is an awesome machine that provides the Apple iPad and upcoming iPad 2 with real competition. Of course, the Xoom is not cheap, and therefore, it is vital that we get the most of out of it that we possibly can. One way to maintain the tablet is to protect it from scratches and such. And if scratches do occur, we need to fix them. So let's examine the Motorola Xoom accessories that are available for protecting and repairing our tablet.

A Motorola Xoom case is the first accessory purchase most Xoom owners make and for good reason: the case guards against basic wear and tear, which is where most of the damage comes from. If you don't have a case, your phone is going to get scratches on it, no matter how careful to become. Having a case is also pretty useful because it protects your phone from drops and any accidental banging.

The second most popular accessory purchase is a Motorola Xoom screen protector. Whether or not you use your finger carefully or you use a soft stylus pen, scratches on your phone will happen. Some cases include a built-in screen protector, and the ones that don't generally play well with separate screen protectors. You have a number of options when it comes to screen protection: universal, film, hard, two-piece, two-piece with sides and so forth. Universal protectors are a great way to save a little money if you don't mind the added effort of installation.

There are also alternatives to cases and screen protectors, such as pouches and skins. Skins are a stylish blend between case and screen protector. While they don't give you too much shock absorption, they do look great and they do an excellent job of providing details on it too. Pouches or carrying cases are a good option for Xoom users who have to take their tablet with them to work or school. Plastic carrying cases are particularly nice, and they often have locking mechanisms and kickstands. A soft or leather pouch is an excellent way to transport your Xoom in luggage, a briefcase or a purse.

Sometimes, scratches just happen, and it doesn't matter what accessories we've bought or how careful we've been. So what do we do in that case? Well, if the scratch is on the screen and relatively shallow, you can try to rub it out. Sometimes it helps to use a pencil eraser, and this works particularly well if the screen protector has self-healing capabilities. If that doesn't work, or the shallow scratch is on the case, then you can try to buff it out with a small amount of toothpaste. If the scratch on the screen is significant, you can try a professional LCD repair kit. For the shell, a scratch-removing pen will hide or remove most scratches that haven't developed into cracks.


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