The Xoom vs. the Inspire

In today's times, everyone needs some high-tech gadgets to keep them connected with their friends and family. There are innumerable different cell phones, Smart Phones, tablet computers, and more that all feature fantastic technological capabilities. It can seem nearly impossible to determine which of the various different gadgets would be best suited to your personal preferences and needs. For instance, the HTC Inspire is an incredibly adept Smart Phone which can handle a vast amount of applications, and the Motorola Xoom is a multifaceted tablet computer which is said to rival the iPad in terms of functionality and overall experience. The only way to choose between these two devices is to carefully consider the key features of both.

People have already said that the Inspire is perhaps the best of its class. Although the phone has been embraced because of its amazing features, people have already stated they don't like the phone's size. Of course, when compared to the Motorola Xoom, the HTC Inspire is a diminutive ant. You cannot treat the Motorola Xoom as you would treat an iPod Touch or a Smart Phone; tablet computers such as these must be carried in laptop cases. People who are already used to using their phones and putting them in their pockets might not to be used to carrying the Xoom around. A HTC Inspire case, on the other hand, is small and compact enough to be carried in most pockets and bags.

Other HTC Inspire accessories can also be purchased in order to improve your overall experience with this phone. For instance, you can purchase a spare HTC Inspire battery to ensure that you never run out of power when you need it most. The Xoom is recharged through a power outlet. This can pose potential problems when you are on the go, although travel chargers are able to alleviate most of the concerns that are raised by the lack of an external battery.

However, there is one advantage that the Motorola Xoom will always hold over the HTC Inspire: a large, absorbing screen that allows you to immerse yourself in the technological world. Even though the HTC Inspire is a relatively large Smart Phone, it is still difficult to perform certain functions on its 4.8 by 2.7-inch screen. Activities such as document processing and playing complex games are both easier and more exciting on the Motorola Xoom's massive interface.

In short, while the HTC Inspire's smaller dimensions and available accessories make it more practical for travel, the Motorola Xoom's enormous screen offers better functionality and a more pleasurable user experience. The specific device that is best for your personal needs will depend on your intended uses for the phone or tablet and your technological preferences. However, whichever device you choose to purchase, you will undoubtedly be pleased with the sophisticated merits of both products.


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