Compare The garmin Gps system the Easy Way

garmin nuvi 2460lmt

This GPS that are placed in its site consists of 10 basic handhelds, 10 fitness GPS, 26 mapping handhelds, 27 automotive GPS and 4 cycling GPS. They're all the current units that are offered and the models that have been outdated and have no demand are not listed. Special models like motorcycle, marine or aviation units are however not included within this list.

Now you must be wondering how to match it up GPS units. You don't have to search far to do the comparison. It is possible to do this on company website itself which has the supply to do so.

How you will find success is described in this article and you can follow this article to compare GPS. You can compare four GPS units simultaneously in all its details. Here is how to do it. For convenience sake in order to check out this article, you can open two windows one for the article and the other the GPS website.

Now for the exercise let's compare the GPS units in the Garmin nuvi 2460LMT

series. First of all log in to the company site and go for their home page. At the left of the screen you will find a link called 'On the Road'. When you take your cursor on vid drop down menu will appear from which you are needed to select 'Automotive'. Clicking on this can display a list of the latest automotive GPS units.

When the units are displayed there'll be small square box along the side of each unit. When you click on the box to select it, a mark look in the box indicating that the box has been selected to compare and contrast. Now click on the boxes besides the series of garmin 3790lmt, 1250 and 2460. After selecting the units for comparison, you will discover a 'Compare' button on the screen; click on this to execute the process. A table will be displayed giving the required data.

This web site however will not allow that you compare ceased unit with the present ones. You can compare multiple units at the same time and also produce separate tables of comparison for each unit. After creating separate comparison table for each unit it is possible to copy the data from the website and paste them on an excel spreadsheet for record. You could possibly just have to tweak the rows and columns somewhat to align the data.


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