Different video gamers will need different Xbox 360 packages

I really should have bought myself a video games console by this point, for I have wanted one for a long time now. After the recent hubbub involving the theft of personal data from the PS3 network, I have decided that I should buy myself a 360 console from Microsoft!

Acquiring and 360 can be a trifle intimidating though, as there are several different systems available but I just want to play a game of Duke Nukem Forever Balls of Steel edition when it appears in September!

The 360 Core System is white shelled and (importantly) does not use controllers that operate without wires. Most players will want to save their game progress and save downloaded content and so Core is not suitable for it fails to include a much needed memory unit. The 360 Arcade package eventually replaced the Core option as the basic Xbox package which does come with the necessary 256 MB memory unit, as well as wireless controller set up and the benefits of Xbox Live Silver.

Xbox 360 Premium contains that within the Arcade package and more, including a 20GB detachable hard drive for storing data of all types, headset, HD AV cable, Xbox Live Silver and a free trial for Gold. The 360 Elite system is the essential kit for Xbox fans, comprising a sleek black casing and is HD compatible - games graphics have never looked so good!. The package also includes the previously mentioned peripherals and Xbox Live trials, and also a whopping 120 GB hard drive!

Hard drives can be expensive in their own right and so, I am sure that the Premium deal would be ideal for me. I plan to play the LA Noire game when I receive my pre order and am likely to pre order NCAA Football 2012.


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