How to Choose The Best iPhone 4 Cases

There are no shortage of options if you're shopping for iPhone 4 cases. Cases allow you to customize your phone while also protecting it from damage. Some like their iPhone case to make a fashion statement while others want just a simple look. Regardless which you prefer, you need a case to help protect your iPhone so let's take a look at some of the best options.

Switcheasy's Nude case may be the thinnest case for your iPhone 4 and since it's see through, you can easily see your phone's features.

This case, which is only 1 mm thick, is made from a strong polycarbonate material that offers thorough protection. You can get a package that includes the case, two anti-static screen guards, a squeegee for apply the screen guard, a microfiber wipe, two headphone jack protectors, and two 30 pin connector protectors. This case is available in eight different colors but the Ultra Clear or the Ultra Black will give you the see-through effect.

The iPhone Bumper is made by Apple. This case was designed to help fix the iPhone's reception issues that resulted from users touching certain spots on the phone when in use. Apple gave these cases away for free for a time but are no longer doing so because they now claim that the problem isn't a big deal, after all. While this item is no longer listed at the Apple Store, you can find it at various online retailers for the original price of $29.99.

Marware has developed the Sportgrip Edge that is a rubber band of sorts to protect the edges of your phone. The double sheet static cling film fits the front and back of your phone and keeps moisture dirt and scratches from getting in. You get maximum protection in a minimalistic case. The band is available in multiple colors with the clear front and back protections. If you want high quality in a low profile case this is the one for you. This case is not meant to withstand being dropped however.

As you can see, you have many choices for protection for your iPhone 4. There are so many phone covers around and more introduced daily. Don't pick your phone cover by its looks, you need to make sure it will serve its main function and protect your phone. This information was brought to you by, your source for all things related on tile that looks like wood.


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