HTC Evo Shift Applications

The HTC Evo Shift is a highly compatible phone with various applications that are both functional and fun. Consumers will be able to enjoy choosing certain applications from the selection that is offered. Both paid and free applications are available for the user's enjoyment. Some of the top applications will be explored to inform readers of their options.

PlinkArt is available which is an application that allows you to identify art by artist, period and theme. The consumer will simply capture a photograph of the painting and then the information will appear on the screen regarding the image. This particular application uses technology similar to facial recognition technology. This application also allows you to make comments on the art with your friends. You can also search through artist by name and title of their work. This is a helpful tool for art connoisseurs at auctions or art galleries. The database is extensive, and the application is fast. You can also locate some art galleries that might be around you area as well.

Soccer fanatics can even enjoy statistics, news and results directly from Mobile. Some of the smaller teams are not covered. All of the information will be delivered to the smartphone. The information includes player interviews, live commentary and high quality photographs. Users may also view live scores in real time. The application is fairly fast in most instances. Still, the updates do lag a bit for international games. The interface is interactive and complete with vibrant colors. The text is sharp, but the sheer amount of information provided can make the application difficult read. This application is available in multiple languages. The World Cup is extensively covered. is an excellent baseball application that is available. This particular application offers consumers a number of features including the game day pitch speed and statistics. Real time scores and other player statistics are provided through the application. The audio portion of the application is above average and works seamlessly with Wi-Fi. A widget may be added for easy access. The interface is user friendly and easy to navigate. The information provided and video quality is impressive. This particular application will not provide live television coverage, but some video footage is provided.

Users can even download Dropbox to help them synchronize their PC files directly to their mobile device. This application is great for backing up purposes. The files on your phone could be accessed through web-interface to allow file sharing with friends. The great software allows the synchronizing to take place without much effort. There are only a few keystrokes required to search, organize or upload files. A server hosts the applications on the Dropbox's server. Users that work with documents or files regularly will keep all of their devices in synch with this application. This application works well with Wi-Fi and 4G data connections.

HTC Evo Shift accessories are available to protect your investment. Accessories may include the HTC Evo Shift case for protection of the device from falls or the HTC Evo Shift screen protector to protect from scratches. The great thing about this mobile device is that is has a lot of back up when it comes to accessories.


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