Impartial Overview of Samsung LN19B650 LCD HDTV

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The Samsung LN19B650 LCD HDTV is one of the top selling TV's in the world. With an increasing market share in the TV market, Samsung makes some of the best televisions in the world. They have kept their reputation intact with this TV as well. This TV is pretty compact. Its dimensions are 19" (measured diagonally), with a width of 18.6 in , a height of 12.2 in, a depth of 2.5 in with a weight a total of 9lbs.

The Samsung LN19B650 LCD has a dynamic contrast ration of 15000:1. The picture quality of the LN19B650 is worthy of DVD players, Cable TV and Satellite TV. This TV also offers the usual high audio quality that you would expect from a Samsung .

Whether you're trying to replace a classic television as well as to buy one more TV the Samsung is a good purchase. All you have to complete should be to consider the status for the corporation and all sorts of the choices it has produced to recognise that this quality of their total television is backed by warranties that you'll rarely need to take, if. The LN19B650 isn't a different. It's efficient, sleek, convenient to use and versatile.

The TV's great quality is usually perfect for games and hooking it down to a computer. The versatile picture and speakers improves the user experience. The Samsung LN19B650 can also be great as it would be simple to program. The multipurpose handheld remote control is easy to program in addition.

If you're looking for great affordability, the Samsung LN19B650 is a great TV to order. This TV is a wonderful investment chance for you, since it is an integral part of the Samsung family. Being a typical Samsung, this TV lasts you many different years.


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