Motorola Xoom RSS Readers

Keeping up with the latest news is one reason many consumers choose to purchase a tablet, as its on the go capabilities mean news and events are pushed to their RSS readers as they happen. Choosing the rest RSS reader for all your needs depends on whether you want to have push notifications, HTML support or just text. The following five RSS apps are available for the Motorola Xoom and offer some of the best features for those who love keeping up with current news and events.

Feedly is considered to be one of the best RSS apps because of its simple intuitive interface that's organized just like a magazine, which allows you to pick and choose certain articles that you'd like to read. The app offers push notifications and features one of the best RSS experiences available on Android today. Using Feedly with other Motorola Xoom accessories like a Bluetooth headset will allow you to watch videos and listen to any files included in your feeds.

Pulse is another RSS application, which is somewhat similar to Feedly. It organizes all your sources into categories and lets you specify and flip through them. The interface just isn't as clean. The suggested sites feature offered in the app servers up RSS feeds you might be interested in based on your currently followed news sites, meaning you can expand your RSS feed coverage by just a few taps. This program even has storage capabilities that will allow you to store your RSS feeds in your phone.

Since most podcasts distribute their updates using RSS feeds, keeping track of them with your normal RSS reader can mean a hectic update cycle, especially if you listen to numerous podcasts. In order to keep your podcast updates separate from your daily feeds, use DoggCatcher. It's a great RSS tool with built in audio capabilities so you can listen to the podcast directly from the feed link while inside DoggCatcher. This means tucking your Motorola Xoom case into a bag and listening via Bluetooth is possible during your commute.

gReader is an unofficial Google Reader client designed for the Android marketplace. It spruces up some of the default offerings of the web-based Google Reader page by providing you with an easy to browse list organized by categories. If you find the default Google Reader page to be somewhat too plain, then gReader is definitely a good RSS reader to start with.

NewsRob auto-syncs with your Google Reader account to allow you to read all of your feeds, even when offline. This feature is great for those who only have Wi-Fi access, but want to take their news with them when out of Wi-Fi zones. After it is synchronized with your Google Reader it will also download any updates to your RSS feeds. Once downloaded, you can access them later while offline in a gorgeous app. When coupled with a Motorola Xoom screen protector, keeping your device safe and up to date with this choice RSS reader has never been easier.


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