NeoPDPs - Panasonic's New Era Plasma Screen Panels

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Inside the 12 months 2008, Panasonic announced the development of subsequent era plasma exhibit panels, based on NeoPDP technology. This ground-breaking technology has long been created to give far better image quality, thinner dimensions and higher efficiency to the plasma televisions. Panasonic performed an intensive research and reviewed its existing IC technology and panel structures to develop a brand new application. This new application promises enhanced discharge and new circuit and drive idea in order to lessen power loss substantially.

The Panasonic VIERA NeoPDP comes with amazing image quality and design that's sure to change the whole Television viewing expertise. It comes with an ultra-high contrast ratio 2,000,000:one, owing to the not too long ago created discharge gas. This translates into a variety of colour tones to generate reasonable and true-to-life images in each and each and every programme. The NeoPDP technology makes use of some freshly created eco-friendly merchandise, that empower the television to provide double the luminous efficiency. On the foundation of 600Hz technology, the TV's internal processor creates about 600 sub-fields. Later on an algorithm automatically selects the most effective one for optimum flow of movement about the screen. This assures end users get maximum benefit from action films and gaming experiences.

With the introduction of this technology, Panasonic aspires to lessen CO2 emissions, along with reduction of waste and chemical substances utilization. Therefore they've ensured to develop a panel which has a really lengthy daily life. The Panasonic VIERA Plasma TVs with the NeoPDPs have already been created to provide a panel daily life of one hundred,000 hrs that equals to roughly 35 many years of superb entertainment. To eliminate the use of lead, an eco-hazardous material, Panasonic has created an alternative substance. This makes these VIERA TVs eco-friendly merchandise whilst recycling or disposing. Also the panel is pretty tough, so you can just pack away all your screen harm worries.

One more spectacular functions of this technology is its reduced power consumption. It comes with an energy saving Eco link, which automatically converts all of the connected Panasonic products right into a standby mode when not in use. In Eco mode the photograph sensor to check the brightness of the space and alter the panel's brightness aspect for lessen power absorption. Test reviews demonstrate that a Viera Television makes use of virtually 55% much less power in darkly lit surroundings. The VIERA Z1 sequence are said to function just one-inch thickness. This new television not only incorporates the newest technologies but is additionally filled with loads of novel functions and functions. The VIERA NeoPDP assortment of televisions consist of the Z1, V10, G15, G10 sequence of Panasonic Plasma TVs. It can be one of the most eagerly awaited merchandise in the European market.


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