Phone Number Fraud

In recent times, nine hundred telephone numbers, in which the caller pays a charge per minute, have been utilised by TV stations to elicit spectator collaboration and to supply services as stated on phone number lookup. But keep a look out for scammers who need to lure you to call a nine hundred number without giving you anything for your cash.

These con artists may promise you a service or product, as an example credit fixing or a travel package, but what you actually receive will be quite displeasing. Those with blemished credit looking to get a card by calling a 900 number might receive a stockpile of banks to which they can enroll in such a card. But you will be rather more disenchanted with the charges that appear on your telephone bill--sometimes $30 or more. During the past, con men have used toll-free 800 numbers to execute lots of the tricks they now promote thru 900 numbers. They often begin when the cheat sends you a notification in the post pronouncing that you have won something for free or have qualified for credit. That is the reason why it's a necessity to have Reverse Phone.

Often , when you call a 900 number, you will be wanted to hear a long recorded sales spiel. To add two finger to the injury, at the end of the sales spiel, you may continually be directed to call a second nine hundred number for further data or to order your service or product. If you call the second 900 number you'll then be billed for another nine hundred number telephone call. Recalling the following will help you avoid being a victim of 900 number crimes : Be suspicious when you receive a prize notification or other promotion which asks that you call a nine hundred number or you can avail some Reverse Phone Detective so you can notify those notifications. Never dial a nine hundred number unless you are totally sure of how much you will be charged and are prepared to pay it. Be cautious if after dialing one nine hundred number you hear a message asking you to dial a second nine hundred number. If you have not heard about the company making the promotion, check it out with your local Better Business Bureau or shopper protection agency.


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