SharePoint and Exchange Server a restaurateurs boon!

SharePoint and Exchange Server a restaurateurs boon!

Are you a restaurateur with restaurants spread across various countries? Do you find it difficult to communicate new information, concepts, ideas, benefits, tips, etc. to your employees spread across the globe? Does it become a tedious task to get through the contact number of a particular restaurant or your employees located away from you? Does your email remain unanswered from your employees? What you need in this case is a solution that could help you built your IT needs on an expandable platform.

Microsofts free SharePoint hosting can give you the power to share information and new ideas to employees and restaurants located anywhere. Restaurants information, updates, etc. can be now posted on the Hosted SharePoint 2010, which in turns eradicates the need to send each and every information via emails. This would shun wear and tear on the mail server thus escalating performance. The employees of the restaurants can enjoy some improved benefits such as posting online advertisements and viewing companys calendar; all by just logging in the access id and password provided to them. Moreover, using SharePoint Foundation 2010 employees can have quick and unswerving access to restaurants corporate news, new processes, and back office dealings. The restaurant SharePoint portal can also include a FAQ and online tips column which can be updated easily by the employees, which in turn can swell customer adoption. Online employee contact books can be added, new employee updates can be done quickly; all under one roof that too in less space.

Microsoft Outlook Exchange is yet another tool from Microsoft that can manage your email communication swiftly. Online Exchange Server allows for wireless synchronization, email archiving, remote wiping of confidential data, access to large documents or attachments on wireless device so on and so forth. Exchange users under one account umbrella enjoy the benefit of maintaining personal and shared calendars, task lists, public directories; entire companys address lists, and group scheduling with instantaneous accessibility. Cheap exchange hosting service is also provided by many companies.

All in all, using Microsoft SharePoint and hosted Exchange 2010, you can touch base and communicate with your restaurants dispersed across the globe swiftly, clearly, and efficiently.


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