Telephone Games of the 21st Century

I lately had reason to call my telephone company in order to ask about some charges and some services like Phone Number Lookup.

I first reached an automated message that instructed me to press one for English, which I did, followed by a menu with a couple of options. Of the available options, none worried chatting with a homo sapien.

This was the sort of telefone system where you could either press the amount of the option you wanted or talk it into the receiver. I clearly declared 'customer service ' into the telephone and was then told that what I had claimed didn't match any of the available options. I gave it a go again just in case it was a concealed option and I had not spoken obviously the initial time. I heard about 4 seconds of music and then a click. I waited about 5 mins before realizing I had been hung up on. The thing that irritates me the most is that many firms who should be offering customized patron service try their unambiguous best to steer clear of being made to talk with their customers. I do not understand whether it is an absence of staff to field the calls or that they just presume I'm too bone-idle to use the automated menu if, say...I only wish to find out how much my bill is. And as much as practicable I need reverse phone detective to be secure from unknown callers. I am certain there's more than 2 people out there who would wish to speak to a homo sapien though they can get the info they require without doing so but what about people like me who legitimately needed some real help? What actually takes the cake is this is a telephone company, and one who can't or does not want to update their phone system to handle customer's calls. I'm wishing there were an organisation dedicated to rating these firms ' client service policies in order that they would get some concept of precisely how poor they do re their competition. If there were, I'd switch and give my business to the company who offered the best client service, whether it cost more to do that like phone detective services that protect me from utilizing telephone.


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