The TomTom XXL 540s Gps unit Review

tomtom xxl 540s

TomTom has been here since the first GPS devices begun to come out onto the marketplace. In today's world, the car GPS market is very competitive and TomTom has been in the lead with innovation and how their products work as GPS devices. One from the reasons the TomTom XXL 540s have gotten so much attention is because of these size.

Additional Features

The TomTom XXL 540s are apart from the XXL family that have 5-inch displays. TomTom still keeps the same curved design without much weight in spite the height and width of this model. It actually only weighs about 7 ounces so it's not hard to carry at all.

With a larger display screen the 3D and 2D maps look more clear and accurate. You can even find some detailed surrounds by zooming in into the spotlight itself. It can be very easy to spot certain sings with the product mounted. The TomTom XXL 540s also have text-to-speech technologies that enable you to stay focused on driving while the directions are relayed.

This revolutionary product also has an "Advanced Lane Guidance" system where it will make sure you are in the proper lane to reach your destination and will show you if you are inside wrong lane. As you come upon the highway in your travels this GPS device will utilize a 3d map to indicate what lanes you have to take. This feature combines with the "IQ Routes" technology will further enhance the road calculations that you is going to be using. They will even calculate this by making use of historical speed measurement statistics.

The TomTom XXL 540s is in several ways a pretty new tool and as of August 1010 there will be update maps that may include the US, Canada, and also Mexico. It also has over 7 million points of interest marked on these maps. You can also add custom spots on the map as well.

TomTom XXL 540s GPS Feedback

Many customers that have bought TomTom products during the past have done so because the interfaces are simple and familiar to use. The 540s model keeps these simple ideas and has a large screen for easy viewing. The fantastic thing about all the features this revolutionary product has like the maps and the updates, are common very customizable. It is really a well working device using a quick startup time that not many budget devices have.

Important Tips

You will most likely use the "Navigate to..." feature one of the most when planning a route somewhere. All you should do is follow the icons that be visible on the screen and once you are used to the device it will considerably easier to recall other destinations you have been to and how to plan getting there again. That may make a setting called "Home" that you can activate when you would like to find your way home when you are lost.

Purchasing Guidance

Even though the high cost on this item is as low as $300, still it has the amazing quality that all TomTom devices will give. Moreover, it also comes with the Easyport mount and TomTom Home desktop software. Therefore, you are almost getting an entire package for a first time level GPS user.


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