Use Desktop Pop-up Application with Asterisk PBX

Reminders, alerts, pop-ups, etc. are very important in this busy running world. Multi-tasking is what all of us do and so chances of overlooking certain alerts is likely. But what if we overlook something which is really significant? Not done, right? Yes! As a result, to avoid this confusion, desktop screen pop-up was introduced. Desktop pop-up application delivers integrated web searches with GoogleMaps and GoogleSearch to locate, dial and save new contacts.

Desktop popup application combines the power of the Microsoft, the power of Google, and the power of your Asterisk PBX based phone to speed up and simplify all your phone communications. Desktop applications use Asterisk AMI link to control any phone connected to a hosted Asterisk server, or control any phone connected to a Broad Soft server.

Possible instant messaging and other Asterisk call notification tools you could utilize: include the following:

  1. smbclient (SAMBA)
  2. YAC (windows & TiVo listener)
  3. YAACID (open source in .NET/C#): Yet Another Asterisk Caller ID
  4. Jabber (various methods), ICQ, MSN, ...
  5. Covide (CRM software)
  6. FOP (Flash Operator Panel)
  7. HooDaHek (collection of CallerID scripts and tools for Asterisk VOIP PBX)
  8. App_notify network caller notification. Mac OSX client available (3rd party tool)
  9. app_broadcast: Works with YAC etc. (3rd party tool)
  10. asteroid (Open source, JAVA)
  11. iBCallMan (Windows Desktop Call Manager)
  12. PL Call Notify
  13. MythTV OSD
  14. NetCID (talking callerid)
  15. Emerald Caller-ID Search
  16. ADM - Asterisk Desktop Manager
  17. U-Rang II (Screen Pop Utility for Windows)
  18. Asterisk Dial & Announce Tool (ADAT). Free call-notifier (Outlook/CRM integration, event handling, click-to-dial, BLF panel and more).
  19. Pbx Screen Popper (Opens a web page on incoming calls based on specific matching criteria)
  20. StarJunction Free Edition Caller ID pop. Integration with Salesforce and SugarCRM
  21. OutCall (Pop-Up as well as Outlook integration, free and open source)
  22. Email
  23. CallerIDpop Perl Script
  24. DialApplet, Windows, Mac & Linux
  25. AsteriskCallNotification Mac
  26. Asterisk+Twitter
  27. VoIP Operator Free Windows call notification and dialer for Asterisk. Very easy to use and install.
  28. InGenius Connector Search-and Dial PC Application, Caller ID pop, integration with MS Outlook, Active Directory and Google. Optional Softphone.
  29. Thirdlane Dialer Free dialer and screen-pop application for Asterisk based PBXs. Integrated with Thirdlane PBX and Thirdlane PBX MTE, MS Outlook, any web based CRM, dual-mode - floating or Outlook toolbar, supports call to URLs.

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