15 Most Amazing Logo Designs

TechFeast Logo

 Awesome logo designed by Swagat Sharma and Deepak Dhiman [link]

Killed Productions Logo

(Designed by Sein Heisler) [ink]

CFO Cycling Team Logo

Creative logo by Nadir Balcikli designed for CFO Cycling Team [link]

Iron Duck Logo

Brilliant logo designed by Siah Design for Iron Duck clothing. [link]

Ant Logo

Beautiful ant shaped logo designed by Alberto William. [link]

Goodduck Logo

Unique logo design created by Badovsky Design for Goodduck. [link]

Mister Cutts Logo

Cool logo designed by Tabitha Kristen for Mr.Cutts barber shop. [link]

Wiesinger Music Logo

Stylish yet minimal logo designed for a piano service shop. [link]

Horror Films Logo

Creative logo design created for Horror Films by Siah Design. [link]

Wine House Logo

Minimal, memorable and elegant logo concept for wine company. [link]

Swing Studios Logo

Creative literal logo designed by struve for Swing Studios. [link]

Zip Logo

Zip logo designed by Mike Erickson features “zipper” instead of “I”. [link]

Look Logo

Brilliant and memorable logo designed by Zain Zayan from India. [link]

Twins Logo

Creative logo with “2″ instead of “N” designed by Action Designer. [link]

Steps Logo

Jason Sanzone managed to incorporate “steps” into the actual logo. [link]


blinkky said...

Very unique and creative =)

Swagat said...


Anonymous said...

inspiring, now do the worst logos

Andy Liang Hu said...

amazing logos

Anonymous said...

I took graphic design in college, as a cartoonist. That stuff's really tricky. Great job. So much information contained in each image, and the images were sharp and clean.

Swagat said...

worst logos will be coming soon...

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