Skyfire launches video-enabled Android browser

Mobile browser developer Skyfire announced the introduction of Skyfire 2.0 for Android, a free, cloud-based browser featuring the firm's new SkyBar toolbar, giving users access to Flash-based video content. According to Skyfire, the SkyBar solution translates Flash content into mobile-friendlier formats like HTML5, effectively unlocking millions of videos previously unavailable for viewing on smartphones--SkyBar also includes an "Explore" icon that recommends additional news, images and video content according to the user's viewing behaviors. Also new: A "Share" icon that allows users to pass along content via Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS.
Skyfire 2.0 for Android follows in the wake of news the firm will ramp up its iPhone efforts in response to Apple's surprising decision to approve Opera Software's Opera Mini mobile browser for the iPhone and iPod, the first time the computing giant has allowed a rival browser access to its App Store to compete against the iPhone's native Safari. "Everyone at Skyfire was heartened by this decision by Apple to open up their platform, and believe this sets a solid precedent for additional innovation in mobile browsing from other companies," wrote Skyfire CEO Jeff Glueck on the company's blog. "The Skyfire team has been watching the Opera submission and the iPhone/iPad market closely, and this will certainly accelerate our strategy on iDevices. Nothing to announce now, but stay tuned for news."
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